Putting in writing what I need to do.

This year the children will be giving family members a small hamper for Christmas. Inside will be some if not all of the following:

1) Gift from Oxfam Unwrapped or World Vision

2) Eggs from our chickens

3) Photograph of children

4) A selection of homemade food including some if not all of the following: Fudge, marmalade, lemon curd, mince pies, peppermint creams, shortbread, meringue swirls, biscotti

5) Something made by some/all of the children

This is the aim. Here is how far we are from achieving it.

1) Ordered and waiting for them to arrive. One thing I can tick off the list! Oh yes!

2) I have given the chickens strict instructions to keep egg production flowing over the next week or so in return for fresh greens in abundance on Christmas Day. So far they are complying with my request. I must remember to buy greens.

OK, so steps one and two are considered in hand. Here is where it’s not so organised:

3) I have photographs on the computer. I need to print and laminate them. Must do that… soon.

4) Hahahahahahaha! I haven’t even begun on this lot! Plus I need to shop for most of the ingredients first. Must do that… soon!

5) I think Caitlin is halfway through weaving a scarf for one of the grandfathers. I’m not sure what everyone else might get. Will have to get kids to scribble a work of art or something once school’s out. Or something.

Plus Mike still has to finish making the boxes otherwise we’ll have nothing to put anything in. If anything is ever made to put in the boxes in the first place. Oh the vicious circle!

I thought that putting it all in writing might help me sort things out in my head and feel less panicked about it all.

It hasn’t!

One thought on “Putting in writing what I need to do.

  1. Hi, Looks like your going to be busy, We are doing something simular not quite on the same scale just some shortbread and chutney but i’d love to try fudge have you got an easy reipe ?
    Thanks Kez x

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