Many a truth is said in jest

My daughters argue. With eachother. All the time.




About anything.

And everything.

All the time.

Got that?




(Just in case you missed it).

The boys may have a ruck, or a yell at eachother. But then it’s done and over with. The girls will argue about something that happened on 23rd May 2003. At 5.12pm. All day long.

I often joked (or yelled, depending on my mood at that present moment), that they wouldn’t be able to live if they didn’t argue. It’s as if their lives depend on having a spat with their sister. If they weren’t able to do it they wouldn’t be able to live. You know, like breathing. Only more vital.

On Saturday afternoon Stephanie left to stay with her friend overnight. They were going out for a meal with her friend’s family and wouldn’t be back until very late and so we agreed she could stay over on condition she’d be back in time for church in the morning.

By Saturday night Caitlin had a temperature and the shivers. By the time she woke on Sunday morning she was the colour of a beetroot, her temperature had risen quite a bit further and she found it painful to swallow as her throat was so sore, her neck ached and she found it hard to move her head as it hurt so much. This is demonstrated by the photo below, which she doesn’t like as she says she couldn’t tilt her head and pose properly because her neck was stiff. Surely, the way she was feeling she should have had more pressing concerns?! Like whether she would be feeling better soon?

She spent much of the day on the sofa with her weaving loom and was very out of character for someone who normally bounces around the house instead of walks.

But by the time Stephanie returned in the evening, Caitlin miraculously began to show signs of recovery! Her temperature had come down, and she managed to eat her dinner. Oh bless her heart, she even managed to force herself to eat some homemade fudge! What a hero!

And soon after Stephanie walked in began the needling of the sisters. From one to the other. And back again. And this morning despite her fatigue and malady of the weekend, she was well enough to go back to bossing helping her younger brothers and therefore deemed well enough to go to school.

Normal service has resumed!

One thought on “Many a truth is said in jest

  1. I so get it. My girls argue all the time. with each other, and also their little brother. Even when they say they are not, they do. It makes me crazy. CRAZY. drives me nuts.

    So sorry Caitlin was sick, she is so cute, but so glad she is doing better now!

    It’s a monday, already! Ack!

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