Hello, Baby 13!

    Today we came another step closer to meeting Baby 13. Not a delivery – that would be too early just yet – but Baby’s 4d scan.     We have had a 4d scan since I was pregnant with Joseph. It began with the ‘It might be our last baby. Let’s mark it… Read More

Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 32

    ‘Will you please hurry up and get something ready?’ ‘We’ve got ages yet.’ ‘No. You. Haven’t.’ ‘Of course we have!’ ‘You could go into labour ANY MINUTE NOW!’ ‘Too early.’ ‘Can you please get SOMETHING ready? Anything?’ That, my friends, is a panicking, melodramatic 14-year-old worried that we won’t be ready in time… Read More

Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 30 and 31

    The busyness of Christmas meant that I was unable to update last week, leaving me to make a double-entry this week instead. Not that there is anything new to report, mind. During the last couple of weeks I have noticed a relative dip in energy levels. It could also have something to do… Read More

Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 29

  Well hello there, third trimester! How lovely to see you! The final trimester already? I can’t quite believe we’re here so fast. After last week’s declaration that I didn’t do nesting came the sudden urge to decorate which saw me spending Sunday sanding and prepping and painting one of the bedrooms. Before either of… Read More

Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 28

        At the very most we now have a total of ten weeks and two days left until the end of this pregnancy. Ten weeks. It doesn’t sound long at all. We are no more prepared this week than we were last week and I’m not holding out much hope that next… Read More

Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 27

      It seems like all I say each week is,’this pregnancy is going so quickly!’ I feel so repetitive but forgive me, because this pregnancy does seem to be going by so quickly! So let’s work through the list, shall we? Heartburn – check. Weight gain – immense. Achy hips at night –… Read More