Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage: Meeting the Muhteşem A Gulet

    It was shortly after 9am that I left to find the cafe at which Ali would meet the new passengers for the week’s trip with Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage. Directions were somewhat lacking. I knew the name of the place – the Yacht Club Café – and that it was somewhere by the harbour.… Read More

I’m leaving on a jet plane…

    …to spend a week sailing around the Greek islands on this. Without the kids. Earlier this year I was invited to spend a few days aboard a 16-passenger Turkish gulet as part of a select few to participate in a fitness retreat on the Mediterranean waters with MDF Voyage. Can you imagine how… Read More

Glyko Karpouzi (Greek Watermelon Spoon Sweet)

      A measure of warm summer days can be made by the amount of watermelon our family consumes.  There is nothing as refreshing when the sun is shining!  Not wanting to waste more of it than we need to, we use the otherwise discarded rind to make this delicious Greek sweet. Spoon sweets… Read More