10 ways to cut the cost of Christmas

      For most of us Christmas ends up being the most expensive time of the year. However, there are many ways to keep the cost of Christmas down. Here are some tips and tricks to cut the cost:   1. Work out a budget and stick to it. Learn to work within it… Read More

Save money, stop waste – Eat food past its ‘best before’ date

    No, I haven’t completely lost my mind.  Hear me out. According to the website Love Food Hate Waste we throw out more than 15 million tonnes of food in the UK each year.  Almost 50% of this figure, they say, comes from our homes. Every week families throughout the UK spend money on food… Read More

How to Create a Workable Budget

    Formulating a workable and practical budget is one of the most important steps towards streamlining your personal finances. Budgets might need to be modified to incorporate unexpected or sudden expenses but by and large, basic patterns remain constant. Creating a family budget will not only help you regulate needless expenditure but also helps… Read More

Top 5 Tips for Last Minute Christmas Gifts on a Budget

    With only eight days left until Christmas we are rapidly running out of time to prepare.  If you already have your cards written and posted, your presents wrapped and your decorations beautifully hung in every room I salute you! If, on the other hand, you’re finding yourself feeling a sense of impending doom… Read More

How to Teach your Child About Money

      Learning how to value money is a lesson that is learnt very early. Even when you examine your own habits and attitude towards money, you will find that you are able to trace its roots all the way to your childhood. This lesson is even more important in the materialistic and money-driven… Read More

A warm home is a happy home

    We don’t give them a second thought the rest of the year but unnatural boiler sounds in the midst of the winter months is enough to put a feeling of dread and panic into anyone. Why caring for your boiler is a ‘must-do’, not a ‘maybe’ Avoiding panicked phone calls to repair a… Read More