Pregnancy and Diabetes: Smart Tips for a Safe Pregnancy



We can’t deny that pregnancy is beautiful and transformative. However, if you’re experiencing certain medical conditions such as diabetes, it can be challenging.

But, did you know that even soon-to-be mums can have a safe and healthy pregnancy? 

It may sound impossible, but with proper care and planning, you can carry your precious child inside your tummy safely!

The question is: how?

If you’re itching to know, continue on reading this blog!


Understanding pregnancy and diabetes

It’s important to remember that diabetes can impact your life, including your pregnancy. And the first thing you should understand before becoming a mum is how it can affect your pregnancy.

  • Pre-existing diabetes. If your diabetes is pre-existing like Type 1 or 2 diabetes, then you might’ve already known that stabilising your blood sugar levels is crucial. So, from conceiving up until childbirth, you should maintain stable blood sugar levels to avoid complications!
  • Gestational diabetes. Did you know that you can get diabetes while you’re pregnant? We call this gestational diabetes— it develops during your pregnancy and typically goes away after childbirth. When you develop this type of diabetes, you should still manage it to ensure safe pregnancy and childbirth!


Tips for a safe pregnancy for soon-to-be mums with diabetes

So, here comes the important question— how can you ensure a safe pregnancy when you have diabetes?

It may seem complex or complicated, but it’s not at all! Here are some tips you should remember for a safe pregnancy.

Plan even before conceiving

I know you’re excited about becoming a mum. But when you have diabetes, you’ll have to tread the entire process carefully— even conception!

So, before you start conceiving, you should consult with your doctor. This way, you can optimise your blood sugar levels in preparation of your pregnancy. Plus, they can adjust your medications if necessary!

Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly

Alright, you’re always advised to monitor your blood sugar levels even before pregnancy.

However, while you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t forget to monitor your blood sugar levels! Your doctor may recommend you to ways to test your levels, and this may include fasting, pre-meal, and post-meal readings, all of which you should follow!

Manage your medication

There’s plenty of medication for treating your diabetes, and insulin is one of them. 

However, when you’re pregnant, your doctor can recommend that you use an insulin pump. When you’re using an insulin pump when pregnant, you can achieve blood sugar control as it comes with precise dosing.

So, you have to understand that you have to use it properly and follow the instructions carefully!

Prepare a plan for emergencies

During pregnancy, you should prepare yourself for any fluctuation in your blood sugar levels. There’ll be days when you’ll have low blood sugar, while there’ll be days when it’s high!

So, always be prepared for these times. You should prepare a plan on how you’ll deal with these episodes. But, don’t forget to let your family know of it so they’ll know exactly what to do when it happens!

You can’t deny that pregnancy isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you have diabetes. However, with our smart tips and tricks, you can ensure that you’ll have a safe and healthy pregnancy even with your condition!









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