Are You Ready to Be a Foster Parent?

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If you have ever thought about fostering a child before, chances are that it may be your calling. In comparison to the number of children who are in foster care, the number of responsible adults willing to take on the responsibilities is often not sufficient.

However, that alone should not be the reason for anyone to become a foster care provider. If you are considering your options as a foster care parent, then you must be sure about your own readiness to take on the role. Up next, we will discuss a few key points to help you develop a proper understanding about your own suitability as a foster parent.


You Must Have a Proper Understanding of Your Responsibilities

There are several different types of foster care and some of them are only suitable for trained and experienced foster parents. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to find out what you are signing up for, before taking on any responsibilities as a foster parent. Contact a foster care agency near you to know more about the different types of fostering options, training options, possible benefits, expected allowance, and more at


You Must Have a Genuine Intent to Help Children in Distress

Every foster parent should have a genuine intent to help children in need of their care, and that intent takes precedence above most. As long as you know that the job is not always going to be easy, but you are still willing to take in the challenges and give it a try, you are most likely ready to become a foster parent. There is still the question of meeting the qualifications and understanding the responsibilities of course, but the intent to help is what will help you keep at it down the line.


You Must Have the Time Necessary to Take Care of a Child

How much time you will need to take care of a child will vary, depending on several factors such as the child’s age and the type of care you are providing. It is possible to work another job as a foster parent, but you will need to be able to prioritise the job as a foster caregiver first. If you are chosen to be a foster parent by the foster care system, they will expect you to have sufficient time for meeting the needs of any and all children under your care.


You Must Meet the Unofficial Age Requirement

The basic qualifications needed to apply are minimum, but they are not all that matters. For example, you only need to be an adult aged 18+, with a UK citizenship or permanent residency, and have a spare bedroom to apply at your local foster care agency. 

However, being less than 21-years old is not a technical limitation in foster care, but 21+ is generally the unofficial minimum age for foster parents, unless you have a great deal of maturity and proven experience working with vulnerable young people. The government allows local fostering agencies the discretion to set their official minimum age limit for applicants at 21 and agencies in the foster care network tend to make use of that discretion.







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