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Despite living on opposite sides of the world, many Britons choose to relocate to Australia. There is more than one reason for some of them to do so. 

Those who once lived down under and then moved to the UK sometimes want to return. Undeniably, Australia has a certain pull upon the masses, welcoming newcomers and expats of their own back.

But why do so many people gravitate toward Australia? How could the UK be so swiftly abandoned? We explore all of this and more down below. 


Manageable Logistics

Some might assume that moving to Australia is harder because it’s further away. However, it’s just as easy to move there as anywhere else, especially if you have the right help at your disposal. 

Doree Bonner International have plenty of experience helping Britons with removals to Australia, knowing full well it’s considered one of the world’s major relocation destinations. Site visitors can receive a free online quote and be paired with a surveyor who will support them in all their logistical needs. Their journey to Australia will be stress-free and cost-effective with this firm’s help.  

The biggest hurdle Britons need to overcome is that moving to Australia isn’t a pipedream. It can be done, and efficiently at that. Once that realisation hits, nothing is left to stop them from creating plans and putting them into motion.


Affordable Living

The UK is embroiled in a cost of living crisis. Undoubtedly, many Britons will feel fatigued from their concern and stress and would no doubt welcome a permanent solution. It could even be the primary reason for their departure in the first place, in some cases. 

Australia isn’t perfect, but the cost of living is more favourable in most areas compared to Britain. Adelaide can be a great location for expats looking to settle cost-effectively. Perth can be much more affordable compared to the pricier Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney, too. 

Whether the expat enjoys an active country lifestyle or a vibrant urban atmosphere, they have plenty of living options to choose from here. Escaping the doom and gloom engulfing the UK today is a fine thing. There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful; for some people, that’s all they need!


The Great Outdoors

Australia is famed for its stellar weather and gorgeous natural offerings. From stunning views to intricate ecosystems, the country is a marvellous place to relocate. 

Put simply, all the British expats that move to Australia can enjoy an entirely new lease on life. Despite occasional bouts of hot weather in the UK, Australia has greater potential to provide consistent good weather. Rainy days can be swiftly swapped for glorious sunshine. 

It’s important to take these considerations seriously. Brighter days are more than just a nifty perk. They can also contribute greatly to an expat’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. They may feel more inclined to head outside and see what the world has to throw at them under these conditions. 

Many people book up for Australia for holiday-related reasons and adventures. Those justifications can be applied to expats too. There’s no reason for grand escapades to be fleeting experiences, and chasing that adrenaline rush can be good for Britons tired of their mundane routines in the UK. 








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