Ways to Make Memories That Won’t Break the Bank



Living on a budget does not necessarily mean giving up the simple pleasures in life, and this includes making memories.

Whether you are in a relationship and want to keep that spark alive or looking for memories to build as a family, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make them.

Here are some ways we’ve created memories for less this year.


Seasons in the Park

It won’t be long until buds are breaking out on the trees, flowers burst into bloom and the warmer weather does its best to break through. That’s when we break out the rounders set, split the family into teams and see who gets away with cheating to win.

Until then, winter means welly boots in the rain or crisp walks with blue skies and sunshine in woolly hats and gloves. Whichever way, stop and take in the beauty of nature.

It really is good for the soul.


Cook a Dish from your Favourite Restaurant Together

If you’ve found a dish that your favourite vegan restaurants have you drawn in with hook, link and sinker, have a hunt around for some recipes online and try to replicate it.

If you love cooking you will certainly enjoy it and if you don’t… well, I’m sure you will have a lot of fun trying!


Check for Free or Cheap Local Deals

Many online coupon sites offer extremely cheap local deals for activities, food or treatments that you can take advantage of.

Your local community might even have events that you can attend for free ranging from art exhibitions to amateur dramatic plays.

Scour the local papers to find out what’s going on near you.


Attend an Open Mic Night

One for the adults here, but open Mic Nights are held for a variety of events from concerts and gigs to stand up comedy shows.

Okay, so maybe you don’t know who you will end up with or how good they will – or won’t be!

But it is still another way of making memories!


Go on a Mystery Tour

How well do you know your local area?

I mean, really know your local area?

Why not grab a one day travel card and see where you end up?

Just think, with no plans, no time limits, and no strategy whatsoever, just take off and go! Who knows what you will discover… or where you will end up!

If you are in Kent, here are some things to do to get you started.



Build a fire pit, take a blanket out and lie back and think of… stars.

Not sure what you are looking at? There are apps that can help you work out the constellations above together.

This works as a romantic date night or a great get together with the family, especially if you break out the marshmallows and hot chocolate!


Making memories is not about how much money you spend but the memories you make with the ones that you love.

Do you have any tried and tested ideas for making memories on a budget?

We would love to hear them! Please do share them in the comments below!






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