The Golden Girl’s Must-Have Accessories Christmas Gift Guide

gold ribbon gift


I am not talking about a coming of age golden girl. Age is just a number anyway, she hastens to say as she hurtles towards 45 next week.

And no, that wasn’t a hint.

But if you did want to treat me for my birthday or someone else for Christmas (though why wouldn’t that be me?) that loves a splash of gold here and there, here are some of my favourite gold accessories:

A little sparkle

gold earrings

Having recently re-pierced my ears, I am looking forward to treating myself to a new collection of gold earrings. I love how something so simple can create so many different looks, from casual everyday wear to elegant evening styles. And yes, I’m looking forward to simply spoiling myself.


A beret good idea

gold ochre beret


Yes, I know that was a terrible pun. Never mind, because just look at this gorgeous beret from John Lewis. So the website has the colour down as ‘ochre’ but it looks gold enough to me and so it makes the list. Oh, and it is cashmere too. Lovely and luxurious. Yes, definitely on the list.


Keeping watch

gold watch


Remember the days before mobile phones and fitness trackers? When people wore watches? Do they still? I think I would quite like to go back to that, and this Vivienne Westwood gold watch will do nicely thank you. Just look at that dial! And it’s splashproof. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


Pin up style

pearl bobby pins


I fell in love with these freshwater pearl hair pins as soon as I saw them. They are pretty and feminine and can be worn at any time in any environment and still look in keeping with it. Okay, so they aren’t actually gold but gold coloured stainless steel, but hey, that just means they’re stronger, right?! Gold accessories with pearl effect decoration. Yep, I’ll have those too please.


Bag it up

gold rucksack backpack bag


Without a doubt, a rucksack or backpack (or whatever you prefer to call them) style of bag is my favourite. I am considering adding this one to my little collection so if you would like to treat me, you can find this gold Ollie & Nick backpack over at House of Fraser. Thank you in advance.






*Post brought to you with Nakturnal and LFL.

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