5 Ways to Prepare your Car for Winter


The days are already getting shorter and it won’t be long before winter is well and truly here.

This time of year has many of us stocking up on the hot chocolate and marshmallows, with the thought of autumnal bonfires, pumpkins and perhaps even our Christmas shopping on the horizon.

Unfortunately, we often forget about getting our vehicles ready for the colder months, running the risk of complications, breakdowns or avoidable repairs… usually when we least need them!

Nobody has ever uttered the words: ‘I love breaking down on the M25,’ and we are pretty certain you wouldn’t be the first one to do. Finding yourself stuck in London traffic isn’t the best place to be, regardless of the time of year.

Here are some ways to prepare your car for winter:


Book your car in for a service

We can’t recommend anything more strongly than getting your car regularly checked over by the professionals. An annual service will ensure you’ll address any developing issues before they become costly problems, so get your car servicing done within London from Iverson Tyres and rest assured that you are prepared for the worst of winter before it kicks in.


Top up the engine coolant

Engine coolant should be made up of a mixture of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. Topping it up with water alone will almost guarantee that your car will have issues, thanks to the water freezing in cold weather. If this happens, your engine will overheat and your wallet will drain considerably. You can purchase ready mixed coolant that you can add to the reservoir. It’s a quick and easy one to deal with, so no excuses for doing this one!


Check the tyres

If your tyres have a tread depth of less than 3mm, they may well struggle to cope with the demands of winter. You might even consider changing from summer to winter tyres for extra peace of mind and safety when driving on icy or snowy ground.


Check your battery

Car batteries usually need changing every five years on average. If you have been experiencing problems with yours, get it checked or changed. The colder months are certain to put it under extra pressure, so make this a priority on your list.


Keep an emergency kit in your car

Your kit should include basics such as a torch, blanket, hi-vis jacket, emergency triangle, water and de-icer. It is better to have an emergency kit to turn to and not need it, than to need one and not have one. Be prepared!









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