My 2019 Challenge in Jimmy’s Memory: I’m Doing the UK’s Highest Charity Abseil to Help Seriously Ill Children Live Positive and Happy Lives


Three years ago my brother was told that the leukaemia he had been fighting for the previous ten months had returned.

Two months later, he died.

He was 34.

He was my baby brother. He was seven years younger than me. I remember clearly the day he was born, how I excitedly visited him in hospital and how I kissed the top of his head for the very first time. I had no idea that just 34 short years later, I would be kissing him out of the world in the same way.

My brother was a healthy, fit and active young man. He wanted me to get fit, lose weight, have adventures and make memories.

‘Make things good,’ he told me as he lay in his hospital bed.

‘How can you make something so bad, good?’ I cried.

‘You can’t. You can’t make something bad into something good. You just make something good come from it.’

On September 7th 2019, it will be pretty much three years to the day that Jimmy found out his cancer had returned. In his memory, I will be participating in the UK’s highest charity abseil, dangling from a rope 540 feet high, to raise money for Richard House Children’s Hospice.

As a mother of 13 children, I cannot begin to imagine how vital their support is to families at such a heartbreaking and difficult time.

Richard House Children’s Hospice serves the heart of east London. The hospice delivers specialist care for babies, children and young adults, while supporting their families through counselling, therapy, bereavement support and more.

With a focus on living for today and creating positive memories for tomorrow, Richard House Children’s Hospice also offers a range of activities for all the family to enjoy. Their services are completely free of charge and as a local charity over 70% of their funding is charitable – from the generosity of local people, companies and groups.

I’m only looking to raise £300 but I’d be delighted if we could smash this target.

Here is the link to my Just Giving Fundraising Page. 

As Jimmy said, ‘You can’t clap with one hand,’ so I need your help to do this.

Please donate, share our story and spread the word. And do feel free to come along and support me on the day, of course!

Thank you.

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