4 Life Lessons Every Kid Needs to Hear



As parents, it is our utmost responsibility to take care of our children and make sure they have what they need and hopefully what they want. The mission is to ensure a good quality of life for them and prepare them to be a good citizen of our society. You could be taking care of the future president of the United States of America. For most of us, we only have one intention why we take such care of them and that is because we love them. Because we love them we must teach them good life lessons.

Living a good life can be subjectively defined by different people but in general, it is the practice of living your life while incorporating important virtues. You can consider yourself living a good life if you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled. We are their first teacher in life, so we must teach them good values.


Teach Them Health Is Wealth

If you don’t encourage them to eat healthy when they’re young, they won’t want to as an adult. If you start teaching your child this early they will have this good habit their whole life.

According to psychologists, healthy eating habits starts at an early age. The moment you learn how to taste things and differentiate sweet from bitter is the beginning of your eating habits. Children will take this early influence and eating experience into their adulthood. Kids who failed to learn and appreciate eating fruits and vegetables are more likely to grow up to be an obese or overweight adult. Start now, start early. Present them with a variety of food options. You can still offer desserts and some sweets but be sure it’s in moderation.

Another important lesson for kids to learn about in heath is the importance of being active. Our modern world is full of technology, gadgets, and electronics and can easily lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Netflix and chill is nice to do maybe once a week, but slouching on the couch for hours can be as bad as drinking alcohol and smoking. Make sure your kids still go play outside and get some vitamin D. Encourage them to join sports at school or at your community. Visit parks and local sports facilities to keep them active. Involvement in sports can lead to a healthy lifestyle of exercise and fitness.


The Value of Money

Financial literacy is an important factor in leading a good life. The ability to make good decisions on how to save and invest is key. Schools don’t necessarily teach kids how to save money, or how to budget. We learned it the hard way and by that I mean experience. It can get tough when cash is short. Teach them the value of money by openly talking to them about how money works, how to earn it, how to save, where to spend. You can even build their knowledge by allowing them to have experience. Hand them their own money from time to time and see how they make choices.


Respect and Compassion,

There is a difference between being sympathetic and empathetic, the latter is better as it is the ability to understand, share and feel the emotions of other people. Being able to understand in a high degree the emotion of someone will allow a person to know the right way to interact with people. Rather than feeling pity or sorrow for someone, your kids need to learn how to understand human emotion and how to correctly react to them. This leads to them being more respectful and compassionate individual.


Passion For Knowledge

Knowledge is power. And who doesn’t want their kids to be empowered? Going to school, doing assignments for some kids may look like an ugly, unpleasant everyday chore. But you need to get your kids to be excited to learn. Tell them the things they can be capable of when they go to school. That the knowledge they gain is not for you or anyone else but their very own. The desire to learn and learn some more can open doors of opportunity for them especially in adulthood.









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