7 ways to avoid waste build up and avoid plumbing blockage


There is nothing worse than having to deal with poor plumbing right at the comfort of your homes. Issues such as clogs are a recurring problem and as such, they should be treated immediately and effectively. For you and other homeowners, plumbing issues could lead to other major concerns that will take a lot of effort and time and money to fix.

The good thing is that it is never too late to fix a plumbing issue within the house, inside the kitchen or in the bathroom. It is always easy to hire definitive plumbing plumbers in the yellow pages but of course there are ways to ensure that all your drains are as clean and  are flowing as smooth as possible. Here are some tips you should follow to avoid those pesky plumbing issues.


Let The Faucet Or Shower Do The Work

Once you are done taking a bath or are done doing the dishes, you are probably quick to turn off the faucet or shower to save water. However, leaving these on for a few seconds or minutes doesn’t hurt. In fact, it could even save you hundreds in repairs.

The high pressure from the faucet or the shower will help drain any foreign bodies that were accrued in the process. The key is to leave the water source running up until the drain begins to take in water more smoothly. This ensures that you are not going to have anything build up in your drain as everything is likely washed away by the water.


Let Vinegar Be Your Friend

Vinegar is a highly useful ingredient not only in the kitchen but also in household cleaning. This highly acidic substance can rid of most stains and dirt stuck on the deepest crevices of your home. Most importantly, vinegar is an excellent substitute for harsh cleaning chemicals in the market.

Using vinegar to clean your drains is fairly simple. All you need to do is run a few cups of it through the drain to make sure the buildup washes out. This is especially more effective in kitchen sinks as vinegar can help kill off any grease that is stuck on the pipes of the drain. All you need to do is to wait for that awful smell to die out.


Baking Soda Is A Pal Too

If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, then a good alternative would be to use baking soda. It is a pretty efficient cleaning agent. Just run a few scoops of it down the drain and then wash it away with water. Baking soda is also effective in removing lingering odors and nasty smells in tight spaces.


Use A Drain Cover

While you are in the shower, chances are you’ve experienced having to take a bath in soapy water that is at least about ankle-deep. Not only is this completely uncomfortable, it could also be unsanitary especially is the water is left exposed for prolonged periods of time. This is also a familiar case with kitchen sinks. While washing dishes, there are times when the water drains too slow or in some cases, it never goes down at all. With these cases, the best course of action is to use an old-fashioned drain cover.

From hair in the shower drain to food particles in the kitchen sink, the risk of clogging your drains is very high as people tend to use both the bathroom and the kitchen on a regular basis. Without any form of cover to protect the pipes from foreign objects, there could be a major build up of items. In time, this will start to take its toll on the performance of the drain.

There are various types of drains and they are available in all hardware stores. Feel free to choose one that suits your needs. There are those that could be easily placed on top of your drain while there are some that require a little bit of tinkering. Regardless, drain covers are an essential part of a household.


Avoid Fatty Foods And Other Oils From Getting To The Drain

One of the primary culprits of clogs is grease. People tend to underestimate the problem that a tablespoon of oil can cause. These may build up in the drains and it could cause major issues after a few weeks or so. It is a problem not solely experienced in the kitchen as essential body oils used during showers could cause problems as well.

In the kitchen, it is best to place the excess oil from pans or plates in a separate jar so that it can be disposed of properly. In the shower, you should try to let the essential oil dry as much as possible so that it doesn’t leave a lasting impact on your drain. If you really want to play safe, run some hot water through the drain to kill off any remaining oil.


Use Drain Cleaners But Use Them With Caution

When push comes to shove and the water recedes at a snail’s pace, your last resort should be to use cleaning agents such as drain cleaners. These are powerful chemicals that can rid pipes of the build up made by grease or other foreign objects. However, there is a downside to these cleaning agents.

When using drain cleaners, it is a must that you stay away from the treated area for a while. The air could get contaminated with the harsh chemicals and these are harmful to your health.


Let The Pros Do The Work

Perhaps the best tip we can teach you is that you should hire the handiwork of professional plumbers. These experts are applicable to all plumbing issues. If the clog is just building up and especially if the problem is already beyond your control, you should call professional plumbers immediately.

They can help solve major problems in a day or so. Even better is that their practices could even prevent major problems in the future. Of course, their service isn’t free. However, it is definitely the better choice if you want to avoid having to pay hundreds of dollars to replace your pipes and drains.







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