How To Make The Most Of Your Small Spaces


Many of us are living in smaller and smaller homes. For some, it’s all about minimalism whilst for others the cost is the prohibitive factor in getting a bigger space. Whatever the reason, a little planning and imagination can help to transform a small space in something that’s just right. It’s sometimes difficult to see your space for all that it’s worth, especially if you’ve been living in it for a while. So, with a pair of fresh eyes and a positive approach, let’s see what difference some manoeuvring around can make!


Extendable Furniture

Do you have dining or coffee tables in your home, perhaps even both? Chances are that these take up a good amount of space. Getting rid of these altogether won’t be realistic for most but upgrading them to something more adaptable could be. An extendable dining table is a great solution for small spaces as it allows you to host when you need without taking up too much space every day. Stacking or ‘nesting’ coffee tables are yet another solution and can even double up as seating in a pinch. Think of furniture pieces that can be used in this multi-purpose way to make the most of your space.

Sofa beds are also worth your consideration, especially if you want to make your home guest-friendly without compromising on style or space. They’re the perfect solutions for anyone lacking in a second bedroom and an active social life!


Use the Whole Wall

Decorating is tricky business and sometimes we don’t think big enough, especially in a small space. Wall-hung shelving that takes up the whole wall, or most of it, is a stylish and handy storage solution. Mix up open and closed shelves to avoid the cluttered look. You can choose to make the shelving a design feature with styled elements and bold colours or you can opt for discreetness by choosing a light shade or one that matches your wall colour completely.



This is always going to be an evergreen piece of advice. If you find yourself running out of space to store your things but haven’t given your home a proper clear-out in a long time, then that’s the best place to start. Yes, it’s annoying and can take a long time but nothing frees up space quite as much as doing away with unused and unwanted items. Donate or re-gift your items to mitigate the guilt often associated with giving away unworn and unused things – the items will get a second life in someone else’s home!

Small spaces can cause a bit of an organisational headache if approached with the wrong attitude. It’s worth deeply decluttering and assessing the space for innovative storage solutions instead of despairing. Minimalism is not the end game here but finding ways of making it work for you through clever tricks is!







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