7 Floor Finishing Solutions You Should Consider For Your Home!


Is there anything more exciting than purchasing your first home? What about renovating your own private property? Changing the way that your home looks can be an exciting way to change up the very energy and personality of your home. From knocking out dividing walls to finishing your basement, you are going to be able to fundamentally change the way that your property feels. Perhaps the most underrated way to address renovating your home is by way of changing your flooring.

The flooring of your home says so much about your property yet we typically pay it so little attention. Your flooring will be one of the first aspects of your house that visitors notice, so why not give them something to really be wowed by? Today, we are going to look closely at your floor in order to discuss an important concept that is far too often overlooked: your floor’s finishing material.


Best Floor Finishing Options On The Market

For today’s discussion, we are going to be setting our sights on the traditional hardwood floor. Whether you have a brand new wooden floor or an old one that is in need of rehabilitation, it is important to get a finish that matches your needs and the aesthetics that you are trying to showcase to the world. Before you order up your favorite finish from My Floor Solutions, you are going to need to understand their importance.

Finishes are a type of chemical component that you lay overtop your flooring after you have the material installed. Typically finishes are most closely associated with wood however you can get finishes for other hard surfaces, such as concrete or tile. These finishes are used to seal in the material in order to protect them from potential surface damage and stains.

Now that we understand what finishes are and why they are important, let’s go ahead and dig into the top seven floor finishing solutions that you’ll want to be considering for your home.

1) Water-Based Polyurethane – We are kicking off our list with one of the most popular and widely used floor finishes in the world. Water-based polyurethane is quick to dry and doesn’t give off much int he way of odor. With minimal pollutants and an easy-to-apply approach, this finish is ideal for DIY floor installers.

2) Wax – If you have special wood flooring that you want to protect, you might want to consider using wax as your hardwood finish of choice. Wax is considered THE ideal hardwood finish because it is easy to apply while sinking deep into the wood itself. Ax has been available for decades and can be applied by hand. Wax isn’t perfect, as it is susceptible to some stains, but it does leave a really pretty finish. You’ll have to be willing to frequently maintain your floor when using wax.

3) Moisture-Cured Urethane – If you want a hardwood finish that will withstand just about anything, this is your choice. Moisture-cured urethane will dry fast and stay strong for a long period of time. Unfortunately, this finish requires patience and care while handling due to the VOC output and the strong fumes. You’ll need to wear a respirator while practicing proper ventilation practices during the application of this finish.

4) Oil-Based Polyurethane – An alternative to water-based polyurethane, this oil-based finish is ideal when you are looking for a tough and long-lasting finish. This oil-based finish is cheaper than the water version and incredibly easy to apply. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with strong odors and a long drying time when installing with this finish. You’ll typically need at least two to three coats in order to properly apply this finish.

5) Acid-Cured Finish – If you want a high-end flooring finish, acid-cured is the way to go. Considered the best of the best, this finish is as hard as it is durable. With a quick drying time, you’ll be able to get your finish down with ease. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait roughly 60 days for the finish to properly cure. You can walk on the floor after three days but you’ll want to keep your furniture away from the surface for at least a couple of weeks.

6) Penetrating Oil-Sealer – This is considered a more classic finish, closer in style to wax than the other options on our list. With a mellow sheen and minimal odor, this is a deep-penetrating wood finish that can be ideal for just about any room in your home. When this finish is properly installed, you’ll end up with a beautiful floor that has deep colors and a vibrant finish.

7) Aluminum Oxide – We’ll round out our list by pointing to a durable and long-lasting finish that you won’t be able to access via DIY. Aluminum oxide can last for up to 25 years which makes it one of the top options on our list. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to set this finish on your own as it requires the use of a special set of tools. If you are moving into a home that has aluminum oxide treated wooden flooring, you’ll probably be notified by the former property owner in order to ensure the continued proper maintenance of the floor.

Bonus) Shellac – We’ll throw one more wooden floor finish that you can consider into the mix. Shellac can only be used with wax or on top of an older coating of shellac, so make sure you are aware of what your wooden floor has going on before you start working on it. Shellac is a natural finish that contains the least amount of VOCs possible.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of different finishing options available for your floor. Ultimately, you are going to have to look closely at what you want out of your finish before making a decision. Some of these finishes are easier to apply than others while some will last longer than the rest. When in doubt, consider consulting with a professional flooring company in order to make sure that your finish is installed effectively.









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