7 ways to maintain your health and avoid getting sick while travelling


Your health is the single largest asset of your life that you should always endeavor to protect. Falling sick of certain diseases can significantly impair your ability to maintain your productivity. Sometimes the body’s immune system can get compromised by the introduction of foreign microbes through contamination. One of the main problems that you may face in controlling your health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is when you travel. Situations arise where you need to go on vacation in a completely new environment that you are not used to. The kind of activities and foods you consume while on vacation can pose a major risk to your health. Here are seven important ways to maintain your health and avoid getting sick while traveling on vacation.


Get immunised

Immunisation is highly recommended in situations where you travel from your home country to another country, especially another continent or an entirely new region. The World Health Organization usually requires individuals on such travels to get immunized as a way of boosting the body’s immune system to fight against certain disease conditions. Travel-related diseases are commonly targeted when undertaking adult vaccinations.

Among the disease conditions that you should be immunized against include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, and meningococcal disease. Getting injected with an appropriate immunization against these diseases helps your body to be well armed with the necessary antibodies that help fight any slight infection, thus keeping you in a perfect health condition. Such immunization, among other preventive health services, can be accessed at thebrightsideclinic in Australia.  


Stay hydrated enough

Travelling from one point to another, especially far away from the environment you are used to, can sometimes expose you to an environment where dehydration is a real threat to your health. To stay hydrated enough, it is important to take sufficient fluids. Consuming up to 2 liters of water in a day helps ensure that your body’s fluid systems maintain their homeostatic concentration that is necessary to keep the body’s pristine health. When taking water, it is highly advisable to consume bottled water which is often regarded as healthier as it contains a perfect balance of all mineral elements essential in the body such as potassium sodium and magnesium.

Taking bottled water is also advantages as the water is regarded as healthier, since it is purified and thus free of all contamination. If traveling on your car, it is highly advisable to always carry bottled water with you because the risk of dehydration is normally high when in an environment that you are not used to. You should also avoid tap water at all cost since the risk of containing contaminants due to improper water treatment practices is high.


Eat well

Eating is another perfect way to maintain your health and avoid getting sick while traveling. When eating, it is highly advisable to maintain a perfectly healthy and balanced diet that helps keep your body and digestive system perfectly running. You should maintain a perfect balance between fibrous foods, whole grains, fat, sugars, and salt. Sometimes, the temptation to keep consuming snacks when traveling is normally too high. Consumption of such substandardly prepared snacks deprives your body of the important mineral elements essential to keep your body’s health.

Eating sufficient portions is also highly advisable. Breakfast should always be packed with minerals and energy while lunch and supper should be accompanied by servings of fruits and water. In addition, it is highly advisable to consume foods that are prepared under quality restaurants where the risk of food poisoning is significantly low. Eating street food exposes you to an additional threat to your health and should thus be highly avoided.


Do not consume strange food items

Traveling to an entirely foreign ground that you have never been before exposes you to various temptations of trying out new things while on vacation. The temptation to eat and try out new menus and new foods that you are not aware of and have never tested before is normally quite high. Attention should be put towards limiting your appetite and liking for strange foods which may contain ingredients that may be harmful to your health or which may cause allergic reactions. In addition, to protect yourself further from eating foods that you are allergic to, you should always endeavor to inquire about the food ingredients whenever you are served. You can easily fall sick whenever you eat foods that are strange to you.


Observe good standard hygiene

Hygiene is highly important whenever traveling. Being on vacation and when traveling exposes you to a hype of activities including hiking, window shopping, and meeting new friends. You may, therefore, come in contact with different surfaces and different persons with your bare hands. The temptation to forget observing standard hygienic practices in such cases is quite high as you often end up eating without washing your hands. You should always remember to observe standard hygienic practices including washing your hands before eating anything, not touching your face with your hands, and other common hygienic practices. This ensures that you are sufficiently protected against common diseases such as cholera and other contagious conditions.


Be cautious of your environment

Whenever on vacation, the environment that you live in is quite important in determining whether you will stay healthy or you’ll fall sick. You should, therefore, always be cautious of the kind of environment you live in. For example, whenever sleeping, it is highly essential to sleep inside an insecticide-treated mosquito net to keep away mosquitoes which often carry deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Whenever traveling on open grounds, you should always beware of the harmful effects of being exposed to direct sunlight that may cause sunburns.


Stay active

While traveling and on vacation, it is also highly advisable to endeavor to stay active by doing regular physical activities whenever possible. Physical activities help keep your body hyperactive, thereby helping you to enforce immune activity that keeps your body healthy. The temptation to stay indoors and rest when on vacation is normally quite high, something that can deprive your body the highly needed immune health. You can endeavor to walk regularly, visit the gym, and do a few activities that help boost your cardio health when on vacation.







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