7 Easy Upgrades To Make Your Home Look Timeless


Whether you’re building a brand-new home or renovating your existing home, making decisions about your upgrades can become a challenge. Home upgrades are costly, and you might find yourself worried that the decisions you’re making are not going to be decisions you want to live with in a few years. Including trendy updates and upgrades in your décor can cost you a lot more money down the road when it’s time to remodel again, but choosing timeless upgrades can save you a bundle over the years. How do you know when you’re making the most timeless and classic upgrade decisions? You take a look at home trends over the years, and you choose features that stand the test of time. Here are a few timeless upgrades you never need to worry will go out of style.


The Right Flooring

There are so many flooring options available, and Absolute Tile Removal can help you get rid of those old floors to make room for the new ones. Carpet comes and goes out of style, but choosing a classic hardwood floor or travertine tile can help you keep your home looking fresh and timeless for years to come. When choosing your new floors, remember to choose neutral colors that aren’t trendy or at risk of being dated. For example, gray tiles and hardwoods are very trendy right now, but it’s a look that will eventually end up dated.


Focus on Windows

There is nothing about adding windows to your home that will ever go out of style. If you’re looking to add some upgrades to your home, natural light is one of the best options. You can add more windows and doors made of glass to bring in more natural light. Dark, cramped, closed-off homes are never high on a buyer’s list of must-haves in a new home. This means you’re going to get more bang for your buck over the years when you make sure your home is open and filled with natural light.


Tall Ceilings

If you are currently building, this is a great way to add some very timeless elegance to your home. Even if you already live in an existing home, you can renovate to add higher ceilings. They open up a room and make it appear larger. A room that feels large and airy is always a good feature to have, and you can always get your money back for this upgrade. Low ceilings are not in style, and they will never be in style in homes.


Choose High-End Cabinetry

There is nothing more worth your money than great cabinets in your home. Whether you choose to go with a classic cherry or a basic white, you cannot go wrong as long as your cabinets are clearly well-made and functional. Choose a classic shaker style cabinet to ensure it stands the test of time. Whether you choose to go with a dark finish or white is a personal choice because both are stylish. While white does seem to be the more popular choice at the moment, dark kitchens rarely go out of style if they’re done well.


Use Natural Stone Materials

Countertops are a selling point in many homes. They’re not really do-it-yourself upgrades if you want to install a higher-end material, so many people will avoid a home if it doesn’t have a solid surface material on the counter. Granite is timeless, but you can also find a timeless look by using materials such as marble. As long as you chose a color scheme that’s neutral and not too trendy, you can keep your counters looking brand-new and timeless. The key is to choose colors such as whites and grays and other neutrals. When choosing countertops that will withstand the test of time, ask yourself if you can redecorate your entire home using several different décor themes and still love your counters. If you can see them working with anything, you’re on the right track.


Incorporate Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is one of the most popular aspects in any home at the moment, and that is not something that will go away over the years. Incorporating your outdoor living space to your indoor living space provides your home with more space. You have the ability to create a bigger living area by opening up your doors and inviting people to spend their time either indoors or out, and you have the ability to make personal choices such as adding an outdoor kitchen, a pool, or an outdoor fireplace to the area. Spending time outdoors is good for your health, and many people enjoy doing just that. If you can incorporate some outdoor and indoor living space in your home, you can add a timeless look that appeals to almost everyone.


Consider Function in the Bathrooms

If you’d like to upgrade your bathrooms, consider adding some functionality to the space in addition to aesthetic appeal. For example, you might prefer a long, leisurely bath each night, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on adding a big shower. People like both even if you don’t. A bathroom that appeals to everyone is the best kind of timeless bathroom. Be sure you’re adding dual sinks to the mix if you’re working on the master. Most couples prefer to have a separate space in which to get ready in the morning, and they like that separate space on the countertops. Adding features that feel spa-like and zen will never go out of style.

Your home is your personal sanctuary, and you should decorate how you like. How you feel in your home is what matters the most. However, choosing timeless designs helps you save money over the years when you home never appears dated. If you choose to sell at some point, you can feel confident in the fact that potential buyers will find your home both appealing and lovely. Timeless style is both beautiful and practical in a way that works for everyone.








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