Organising Your Home With Growing Kids


Living in a family home can be problematic as there are a number of people of various ages, all of who have different needs and demands. Each occupant may have their own space but within a home, there are communal areas which simply need to work for a home to have good cohesion. Let’s take a look at the best ways to streamline the contents of your home.


The Hallway

The hallway or entryway to your home is like the window to your property. It needs to be inviting and clutter free. It is an ideal area for storing keys, messages, outdoor shoes and coats and umbrellas. All of these items in this area will need to be appropriately stored and therefore storage facilities are needed.


The Kitchen

The kitchen and dining area are the social hubs of any home. Modern living determines that the kitchen/dining areas are in more use than living /family rooms are. These areas therefore need to be organised and clutter free as they are high traffic areas. Important tips:

  • It is important to make sure there is enough off ground storage.
  • Make sure you have enough drawers and dividers in your kitchen area.
  • Group food items together.
  • Use plastic/metal shelves so that food can be stacked properly.
  • Make sure all labels can be seen.



These areas are often neglected and the worst for clutter. If your garage/shed is too small to store all of your belongings then you could organise it so that items which are seasonal are kept in storage when not in use. i.e. lawnmowers in the winter. Go online and search for cheap storage near me so that you can store these unused items temporarily, whilst they are not in use.


Kids Bedrooms

The age of your children will determine how much influence you have. If you have younger children, it is advisable to have lots of storage facilities for toys and clothing which can be closed and organised. Try and make sure that toys are at a level so that they can be accessed by younger children. Clothing, on the other hand, needs to be on a higher level so that it is out of reach of little hands. Another tip is to sort out your children’s clothes into summer and winter clothing. This way non-seasonal items can be stored away. If there are a lot of toys in your child’s bedroom, take half out and store them away and bring them out seasonally so that old toys become new again.  


Family Room

Organising your family/living room can be straightforward as they tend to consist of a siting area and electronic equipment for entertainment. Although we live in an era of wireless technology, we still cannot eliminate every single wire or every price of electronic clutter. Therefore, box these items or use cable trunking to ensure that your living / family area is well organised and as de-cluttered as possible.

By taking the steps above into account, you will soon begin to notice that your family home will feel more spacious and user friendly for you and your entire family.










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