3 Simple Hacks for a Smoother Airport Experience


With Christmas soon to be a distant memory, the mind starts to look forward. The long, cold, dark months of January and February are laid out in front of you. The winter coats, bobble hats and scarves are regulars, and the shirts and shorts are tucked away at the back of the wardrobe. Those balmy, bright days of spring and summer are, disappointingly, still a long way off.

For many, this is the perfect time to book a vacation. Not only do the outdoor conditions give rise to the need to go somewhere warm, but having something to look forward to is key to getting through the winter – that date in the diary that says: “I’m getting away from it all”.

These days, though, booking a vacation is far smoother than preparing for one, especially when airports are involved. Queues, delays, high prices and long waits regularly lead to an unsavoury experience and can make you wonder why you booked a vacation in the first place!

There is, however, salvation. A few simple things you can do to ensure your vacation starts off on the right foot and doesn’t leave you even more exhausted before you even leave the tarmac.

Here are some simple hacks to make airport life much easier…

  1. Book off-peak

Weekends and afternoons are the busiest times at most airports. If possible, try and find a late night flight as they can be cheaper and the airport is quieter. Late morning, midweek flights can also be effective for avoiding crowds as the plethora of morning flights – and their occupants – will have departed. Quieter times can also mean there is less chance of flights being delayed.

  1. Explore your parking options

Be prepared before you even leave for the airport. Parking can be a nightmare: you can pay huge amounts of cash to be close to the terminal or pay less to park offsite and endure an uncomfortable shuttle journey.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Looking4.com offer awesome deals from Newark Liberty International airport and a meet and great airport parking service. All you have to do is pull up at the terminal and unload your luggage. A driver will meet you and take your vehicle to secure parking. When you return from your vacation, the driver will meet you at the terminal door, hand over the keys and let you drive off without having to make the often long trip to the parking lot.

  1. Pack light

This is easier said than done, especially if you’re heading off on, say, a family vacation. However, the time saved is worth it – at both ends of the flight. You can avoid the inevitable line at the hold counter when you arrive, and you don’t have to stand around a squeaky luggage carousel when you arrive at your destination.

If you are travelling with children, there is nothing stopping each of you taking a carry-on bag rather than one or two large cases. And it means the chances of your belongings being lost in transit are totally redundant.








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