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With a family as large as mine, it comes as no surprise that bath time can be a long way off the relaxing and unwinding experience many people enjoy! Indeed, when it comes to any matter that’s bathroom-related, for example not leaving the toilet seat down or leaving clothes and toys on the floor, it can be the source of many a simmering argument.

However, with a little thought and planning, you can create a family friendly bathroom suite that is designed to aid relaxation and help contribute to a harmonious household. To assist you in your bathroom journey, I’ve come up with the following tips.


Choose your toilet carefully

With a bathroom that is used extensively day in, day out, cleaning can often become a never-ending chore. However, there are ways to minimise the impact. Instead of selecting a toilet with space in behind, look for one that sits flush to the wall. A back to wall toilet will mean less cleaning needed, no awkward spaces and easier maintenance.


Look for a soft close seat

Another thing to look out for when selecting your toilet is a seat with soft close hinges. Not only will this help avoid little fingers getting trapped, it also reduces noise—ideal for those late night visits to the toilet, when you are half asleep!


Folding shower screen for easy access

One of the best family bathroom ideas I’ve come across is using a folding shower screen for your shower bath, rather than a single hinged screen. If you are bathing younger children, a screen which folds back entirely gives you much easier access for hair washing and playing. It also makes it easier to lift them out, when they inevitably want to stay and play the night away!


Safe showering with a thermostatic valve

Safety is absolutely paramount in any family bathroom. A standard mixer shower simply blends your hot and cold water supplies together, which can mean it suddenly goes super-hot or freezing cold if water is used elsewhere in your home. To prevent this, a thermostatic valve maintains a consistent temperature and will cut out completely, should the cold water supply fail for any reason, helping to prevent scalds.


Store harmful products up high

Another good safety tip is to store any harmful items, such as cleaning products, medication and razors, away from little hands. A wall mounted mirror cabinet is the safest way to store such products or, if this isn’t practical, fit a high shelf. Just make sure there is no way that your children can climb to reach it—they are naturally inquisitive, after all!


Store things in style

Keeping with the storage theme, it certainly pays to install furniture in your family bathroom, especially if you are styling a small space. At the very least, a vanity unit, which comes with a basin built-in, will give you more storage space, so you can tidy away those toys and toiletries, keeping clutter at bay. These days you can even find vanity units with a step built into them, so your children can reach the basin in comfort.


Secure blind cords

One very real hazard, not just in the bathroom but around the home, is your window blind. If the cord is left hanging down, it could potentially get caught around a child’s neck. It’s always best to avoid using blinds in a family home, unless absolutely necessary. If you do have them, ensure your blinds adhere to safety guidelines, as set out by RoSPA.


Wonderfully welcoming towels

Last but not least, a set of warm, fluffy and colourful towels for each member of the family is the perfect way to end any bath time. It’ll leave you all feeling cosy, relaxed and ready for sleepy time!

Is your bathroom family friendly? Are you having issues adapting your bathroom to fit with your children’s needs? Why not comment below?









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