6 Reasons Why We Love InterHigh Online School So Much



It wasn’t until Caitlin first joined up with InterHigh that we appreciated quite how much of an advantage online schooling is. She is now part of the tax paying workforce for the next eleventy million years, and we currently have four more of the children in various years at InterHigh.

With the expansion of the internet, its affordability and its convenience, I honestly believe the mindset that schooling can only be done through the idea of a traditional brick and mortar environment is set to change at a rapid pace.

Here are just a few reasons our family loves InterHigh so much:



I love the flexibility of home educating the children. I like to be able to take off on a whim, to do something ‘just because’, to let our conversations shape our activities and actions and to simply go with our moods, because let’s face it, some days are better than others. InterHigh not only offers lessons in real-time through a regular and structured time-table, but it also offers a digital archive of all lessons in their entirety. This means that if your child misses a lesson due to illness, travel, appointments or simply because you fancied taking off and doing something else for the day, they can catch up quickly, easily and fully.



InterHigh works through a cloud-based learning platform, so all the children need is a computer with internet access in order to participate. Sound cancelling headphones are handy too, in busy households like ours or for those easily distracted. That, some stationery and an annual list of text books (some of which can be downloaded or freely found on the internet), and your child is good to go, from anywhere. We have had children working from all over Europe as we travelled, meaning they got to see the world whilst creating their paper trail that I personally feel potential employers still want to see.


Freedom of choice

I suppose this fits in with both points above. Online schooling means we don’t have to choose between structure and flexibility, routine and spontaneity, a child’s own interests or the subjects potential employers/colleges/universities would like to see grades in. InterHigh allows us to balance it all to suit us, whatever ‘suiting us’ might mean from one day to the next.


No school runs

This is one of the huge benefits of home educating, full stop. No school gate cliques. No dashes in the pouring rain. No waiting for your child to come out because they lost that treasured pebble they found at lunch time. Need I say more?


It eases the pressure

Sometimes life is good and everything is looking rosy.

Other times, life gets difficult, it gets busy and it gets overwhelming.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that mummy guilt is ready to rear its ugly head at any time.

InterHigh eases so much pressure for me, especially right now where it has proven to be invaluable in keeping the kids on track with their lessons when I have been trying to sort out the rest of our lives during this particularly difficult time.

I am not supermum.

I have children, a home to keep, a business to run, and studies to do, and at the end of the day I am only human. I am learning that it’s okay to need help sometimes.

That I can outsource the children’s education in a way that allows us to keep our flexible lifestyle and relative freedom is one benefit of InterHigh that I cherish greatly.


We parents can see ‘everything’

Perhaps not as well done as Woody in Toy Story, but you get the idea. InterHigh has a Parent Portal through which we can keep track of our childrens progress, their feedback, their homework and their general performance.

Or not.

Eddie and Paddy, I’m talking to you two.

Go and do your homework.


(And no you didn’t. I’ve logged in. I can see).


Want to know more? InterHigh hold regular Open Evenings for prospective students and those wanting to find out more. The next one is behind held on 9 January 2019 at 6.30pm GMT. Click here to book your place. 












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