The 10 Best Team Building Activities for Business Teams



Building a good business team takes more than selecting the best people for each role. In order to be an effective and productive team these people need to be able to communicate with each other. This is a lot easier to do if the team actually likes each other or at the very least respect the skills that each of them has.

Simply being in the office everyday is not going to be enough to bond the team. In fact this is likely to create small pockets inside your team and potentially cause friction.

A team that doesn’t work well together is going to be significantly less productive than one that does. That’s why it is important to undertake a range of team building activities; this will build trust and allow staff to connect; dramatically improving the morale and productivity of the workplace.

Here are some great team building ideas:


Scavenger Hunts

The scavenger hunt is becoming a very popular option to help build teams because it works. Your team will need to work together in order to get the most out of the experience. Add in a little competition and a reward and you’ll make sure they are eager to achieve the goal.

The great thing about the scavenger hunt is that everyone’s skills are useful. It gives your team an opportunity to discover the skills of all the team members while bonding.



Sports aren’t the favorite option for everyone and some of your business team may flatly refuse to play. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be involved.

The playing team need back up in the form of refreshments, support and even injury care. Get the rest of your business team involved in these roles to ensure it is a team activity.



This is a great way of bringing new members into the team and ensuring they are doing the job properly at the same time.

Because they are being mentored by an established member of staff it will be much easier for them to be accepted by the other members of the team.


Casual Fridays

Add a fun feel to your workplace by choosing one day a week or a month for all staff to come to work in either casual clothes or a specific theme.

The best dressed can get a prize, such as going home an hour early; this will ensure all the team want to join in. You’d be surprised at how much this can help to build your team and improve morale.



When someone has done well it’s a great opportunity to build the team up through a group activity. You’ll need to focus it on telling the other staff the achievement that has been reached by the specific member or members of staff.

Then remind everyone that it’s a group effort and make it a party feel with food and drink; even if it’s just for the lunch break. The staff will enjoy it, relax and be able to communicate with each other better.

Communication after all is essential to building a good team.


Job Swapping

An unusual but effective team building activity is to do job swapping. You may do it for a day or just an hour; it depends on the jobs involved.

What this will do is give team members a chance to appreciate the roles each other play and know who to talk to when they have a specific issue.


Adrenaline Activities

This is another activity which some staff will not be keen on doing. However, challenging environments such as white water rafting or skydiving are a great way to create a memorable experience which will have your team talking for weeks to come.


Office Games

Take a little time out every day to play a few office games. This will help the team to bond and keep the atmosphere relaxed.

Simply split your team into smaller teams and get them playing Hangman or charades.


The Knot Game

Another great game for team building is known as the knot game. Staff stand in a circle and reach out with one hand; until they connect with another hand. They then reach out with their other hand and connect with a different hand.

The result is your staff knotted together. Set a timer for them to become unknotted and watch them have to communicate with each other!


Family Days

Encourage your team to get to know each other better by having family days out. These can be simple picnics where everyone brings their family and a contribution to the food / drink. It’s a great way to get people talking and sharing; which builds effective teams.







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