Wally the Washer Review and Competition


The washout of a weekend was the perfect opportunity to try out Wally the Washer, the new game for little ones* from Drumond Park.

Here is how it works:

Wally the Washer is recommended for players aged 4 and up. As up to four people can play at a time and all the ‘and ups’ wanted a go, we had to split everyone into groups to play in. First up were the youngest four: Libby, Anna, Bel and Tim.

Each player must first select their colour and put together their washing line. Choose from the red, blue, yellow or green. Sibling help and sticking-out-tongue-concentrating-face to accomplish this is optional.


wally the washer 6


Next, load all the clothes and the smelly sock into Wally the Washer. Do note that you will have needed to insert three AA batteries first, otherwise he will not work.


wally the washer game 1


Switch him on! The first player decides how long to let Wally wash for. If they notice that their fellow players are getting impatient, they may well prolong this period of waiting just to annoy them even further.


Wally the Washer 2


Press down on the button at the top and Wally the Washer’s door will pop open.


wally the washer 3


If only clothes spill out, each player takes the clothes of corresponding colours and hangs them on their line. If nothing spills out, the go is over without anyone needing to do anything.


wally the washer 4


If the smelly sock falls out, however, the player whose turn it was needs to pop the peg onto their nose!


wally the washer 5


The first player to hang all their washing is the winner!


wally the washer 7


After the younger ones, it was the next age group’s turn…


wally the washer 8


Paddy, Ollie and Joseph had the gloves well and truly off…


wally the washer 9


And Joseph claimed his title as the winner!


wally the washer 10


Proving that games recommended for children aged ‘4 and up’ actually covers a far wider remit than you might first imagine, the teens then jumped in for the challenge.


wally the washer 12


This was by far the most passionate, most underhand…


wally the washer 11


And, in Cait’s case, the most threatening game so far.


wally the washer 13


Peg it, Cait.


wally the washer 14


As you can see, Wally the Washer is clearly fun for all the family.

Wally the Washer (rrp. £24.99) is available from a range of stockists (which you can find on Drumond Park’s website), as well as here on Amazon.


Enter our competition to win a game of Wally the Washer:

wally the washer 15

Fancy a chance at winning a game?

We have one to give away to each of three lucky readers. Here is how to enter to win:


  1. Leave a comment below telling us which colour choice is not included in the game?

  2. Follow @largerfamily and @DrumondPark on Twitter and tweet about this competition, tagging us in. Leave a separate comment and a link to your tweet below indicating you have done so.

  3. Follow Larger Family Life and Drumond Park on Facebook and share this competition, tagging us in. Leave a separate comment and a link to your post.


The competition closes at midnight on 31 October 2018. UK entries only please.



*The term ‘little ones’ officially covers ages 4-19 in our house.



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