Safety Tips to Follow When Travelling By Plane


For some people traveling by plane can be a scary experience. Many people are not aware that planes are safer than other modes of travel like cars. The downside is the fatality rates for plane accidents are higher. According to the International Air Transport Association, the rate of loss from plane accidents is one for every 4.5 million flights.

Dress appropriately

When traveling by plane avoid wearing very tight clothing.Thisare clothes that reduce friction and that you can easily get out of if the plane is on fire. Wool is known as a fire retardant. You can also try breathable cotton. Before traveling to Brazil, ensure that you have your Brazil e visa. For ladies avoid wearing high heels because they can be uncomfortable when running.

Fasten your seat belt

Just like traveling bya car remember to fasten your seat belt while on a plane. Equally important is to learn how to unfasten your belt. When a plane crashes,you need to make a fast escape and been unable to unfasten your seat belt can cost your life. When traveling on a plane ask the flight attendants to help you do this.

There is no safe seat

There is nothing like the safest seat in an airline. When a plane bursts into flames several feet in the air the likelihood of survivors is low even if you had the best seat. There has been the misconception that seating next to the tail, or emergency exits increase your chances of survival,but there is no conclusive evidence that I boost your chances of survival. If you find yourself in an emergency, the best you can do is stay calm and try to figure out a way of getting out of the plane.

Run kit

This is the most critical needs that you will need for your survival when there is an emergency. This can include your wallet, credit cards,and some cash. If you are asthmatic, it is wise to always have your inhaler within reach. For your convenience carry with you a travel jacket that you can place all your crucial items.

Back up files before travel

You never know how a trip will turn out. While plane accidents are rare, they do happen. Take every opportunity to back up your files when traveling. You may not need to carry your laptop during an emergency – the priority is saving your life.

Life jacket

Check that your life jacket is beneath your seat. Avoid inflating while in the cabin. This is because it will prevent you from diving and reaching the exits.

Safety video

Most people ignore the in-flight safety video only to realize that they needed during an emergency. Keenly listen to the instructions been offered. Listen to it even if you have heard it over a thousand times. There is also a picture card on the seat with similar information. Ask questions if you need any clarifications. While at it be familiar with your surroundings; check the positioning of the exits. This will help you if you are forced to crawl in the dark or the plane is in flames.

Worst-case scenario

There are instances when you will have to prepare yourself for impact. If you are seated during impact lower your head to the seat next to you or your knees. Your hands should be behind your head and place your elbows to the side of the head. Avoid placing your fingers or putting your hands over your knees. If you are forced to jump do it with your feet first as this will prevent you from falling with your head.

The exit seat

This seat often has more legroom,but it also places a higher responsibility for those who sit there. You are tasked with helping people get out of the plane in case of an emergency.

Flight attendants

During an emergency, the people who can take care of you are flight attendants. They have done several drills and are capable of helping you get out of the plane safely. Avoid offending them during the trip – you never know when you will need a helping hand.

Avoid getting drunk

That one more drink can cost your life. If you are drunk during a trip the probability of been left napping in the plane is high. You are also clumsy when drunk and have poor coordination skills. If you insist on drinking, take some water in between drinks.

Report anything fishy

Airlines have in recent days been susceptible to terrorist attacks. You will need to inform the flight attendants of anything suspicious. If you notice some unattended luggage make sure to notify the flight attendants as soon as possible.

Takeoff and landing

Most ofthe plane accidents often take place during takeoff and landing. By being aware of your surrounding’s you can know how many rows you need before reaching the emergency exit. If it is within your power choose larger aircraft because they have a higher chance of survival than 30 passenger planes.


The lights can go off during an emergency,and a penlight can help you find the exit door easily. Do not ignore any instructions been given by the flight attendants – they have more information than you.

Avoid metal objects

When you are packing for a trip avoid carrying a lot of metal objects. These will include keys, coins,and cell phones. Travel with what you need for the trip. Thismakes your experience with metal detectors easy. Have your passport close to you because you will need it for identification purposes in case your faulty plane is diverted to another airport.


If you are traveling by plane for the first time, the trip can be scary. However, planes have lower accident cases than cars. Ensure that you watch the in-flight emergency videos and follow carefully any instructions that are offered by the flight attendants. Avoid getting drunk during the trip as this will slow you down during an emergency. Be aware of your surroundings and make a mental note of how many rows of seats separate you with the emergency exits.







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