Life is Crazy and Hectic – How to Get and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight


We know how important losing weight can be to your health. It can improve sleep, boost your mood, regulate your blood pressure, improve your performance at work, and reduce your chances of developing serious diseases later in life. However, our hectic lives often makes it hard for to find the time to make working out and cooking healthy meals a priority. If this sounds like your life, many people have been there as well.

Here are some of our favorite, simple and easy ways to stay motivated to meet your weight loss goals.


Accountability Partners

Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you accountable. An accountability partner can help you determine your goals and check in periodically to ensure you’re still pushing through. This can be a family member, friend, coworker or personal trainer. It simply needs to be someone who understands the obstacles, but equally understands the importance of you reaching your health and fitness goals.


Find Inspiration Online

Support can come in all forms and blogs are a great source. Look for weight loss blogs that share tips and resources to help individuals to reach their weight loss goals. Often you’ll find inspiration from people in the same journey as you. You can read motivational tips for losing weight, get advice from health and nutrition experts, and connect  with other women who are having a hard time balancing their health and their responsibilities as mothers, wives, and career women.


One Thing at a Time – Set Small Goals to Reach Your End Goal

There is a lot of information on the internet about diet and weight loss, and trying to take it all in at once can be overwhelming. While it can easily seem as if there is so much to do, before you suffer from a case of information overload, it may be best to try one thing at a time. Look at your eating or exercise habits now, what are some things you can start eliminating to live better? Perhaps, start by addresses your sweet tooth. Cut back on your sugar intake for a month, if you’re successful, move on to another unhealthy habit. By targeting smaller goals first, you break up the big long terms goal making it more tangible. Eventually, you’ll adopt all new habits that are better for you.


Don’t Get Wrapped Up in Social Media

Social media can be another discourager when you’re trying to lose weight. As you browse the newsfeeds of your friends and favorite celebrities, you often start to compare yourself. How do they have it all together? How did they lose that baby weight before I did? This can be a huge factor for demotivation. So, surf social media in moderation. If you feel yourself starting to compare, log off and find something more constructive to do. Remember, everyone is different and will reach their milestones at different times. (Not to mention, social media is the illusion of a perfect world, most of those women likely have their struggles too.) However, keep in mind the communities accessible through social media. This can be a great place to connect with people all over the world working towards the same goals as you.


Get Your Family Involved

Your spouse and children can also benefit from adopting your new healthier habits and it’s always easier when everyone is on board. This is especially true if you’re trying to reduce sugary snacks. Not having them in the house for your kids eliminates the temptation. Start introducing healthy habits to your family. It could be fun to all set goals and hold each other accountable. To help your kids develop healthy habits you can focus on activities with them. Perhaps it’s an after school walk as a family or weekend bike ride. Doing it together and seeing the improvements in their lives will help you to push through even when your schedule and energy want you to do otherwise.


Making a significant change in your life is an adjustment that requires time. Losing weight and adopting healthier lifestyle habits isn’t any different. Rather than being hard on yourself, or succumbing to your schedule, find ways to stay inspired. The above-mentioned ideas should give you the courage you need to reach your ideal weight and keep those extra pounds at bay.






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