Updating your Wardrobe and Transitioning into Autumn


Now, is a good time to update your wardrobe. The days are getting shorter and the weather a little cooler. We are at a slightly awkward time of the year. Some days, light summery clothing is what we need while other times it is warmer clothes we need to be wearing. Fortunately, you can easily solve this conundrum by turning to a retailer like simplybe.co.uk and purchasing a few key items.



Adding a couple of items of knitwear to your wardrobe is a good starting point. Cardigans and jumpers can easily be donned over the top of a summer top or dress.

Try to buy one that is relatively thin. You just want something to keep the chill off. In the winter months, when it is far colder you could potentially wear something like this under a thicker jumper or maybe a coat.


A shower-proof jacket

It is also a good idea to buy yourself a wind resistant and shower-proof jacket if you do not already own one. A lightweight coat can easily be put in the boot of your car to be worn when necessary. If it is thin enough, it could even be rolled up and popped into your bag.


Boots or closed-in shoes

In the warmer weather sandals are ideal, but the first time it rains you are going to wish you had a pair of boots to put on. Fortunately, there is already a fairly good selection available in the shops. For now, it is probably best to opt for a pair of ankle boots. Long boots are likely to be too warm to wear comfortably until the winter has set in properly. However, if you are working with a tight budget don’t be afraid to buy a pair of long boots. That way you will not end up blowing all of your cash on boots.

If you prefer, buy a pair of court shoes or something similar instead. These will be at least shower resistant and, using the right spray, can be made waterproof.


A lightweight scarf

Even a lightweight scarf will keep the chill off when worn around the neck or across the shoulder. Choose one that fits in with your warm weather clothes as well as your new items of clothing. That way you will be able to wear it almost regardless of the weather.


Incorporate a touch of colour

While buying these warmer clothes it is important to make sure that you keep at least some bright clothes in your wardrobe. For some reason, an awful lot of designers seem to use quite understated, almost drab, colours for their autumn and winter collections. If you are not careful, you can easily end up with a wardrobe full of drab dreary clothes. Something you definitely do not want.

To help you to avoid falling into this trap I wrote this article, which explains how to incorporate colour into your winter wardrobe. You will also find this article about choosing clothing colours that suit you, very helpful.






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