How to Buy a Larger Family Car without Breaking the Bank


Having a larger family means added expenses across the board. And it’s no different when it comes to the family car. Larger always means more expensive, especially when at a car dealer, so how can you buy a larger family car without breaking the bank? There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing any new family car, no matter the size of your family.


Safety first

Safety always comes first when buying any new family vehicle. Yes you need to buy big but thankfully great safety ratings seem to go hand in hand with most larger family cars. However, this is not a given so there’s no excuse for not doing your homework before you buy. Always check out the car safety ratings of any vehicle before purchasing. The highest possible safety rating should always be at the top of your priority list when picking out any family vehicle. You will also want to carry out a stolen vehicle check… just in case. 


Size does matter

Size does matter, at least when it comes to the family car. If you have a larger brood then you’ll likely be thinking of getting something like a minivan. Having a larger family doesn’t always have to mean minivan though if you’re in need of a larger family vehicle, but still want to look good while driving. Not that there’s anything wrong with a minivan but I can see why the SUV market is growing so substantially. Obviously your second priority when choosing a family vehicle is going to be the size. You’ll need to not simply consider number of passengers but also how roomy the car is for those passengers and trunk space. If you’re taking the kids from one soccer practice to the next set of dance lessons then you’ll need a lot of boot space as well as simply having enough seats to transport everyone at once.


Set a budget

While your priority list is looking pretty expensive so far with:

  1. Safety first
  2. Size matters

You’ll now need to factor in your budget for priority number 3. While unfortunately you are not in a position to buy any of the cheaper cars on the market (little hatchbacks and small city cars) you can still keep things cheap when buying a new family friendly car. First you’ll need to monitor and size up the market. Make a list of potential makes and models that may work for your family and look at respective prices. A good way of keeping the costs down is to go with the most basic model your family can get away with. Don’t get any of those highly priced but often enticing extras car dealers will try to win you over with. Don’t pay more to get your preferred colour either.

Take a test drive of your preferred models at your local dealer before deciding. Remember that once driven out of the lot, the car is going to depreciate in value substantially so keeping used options in mind is always a good idea. If you are looking at the new Hyundai SUVs for example that go for around $30,000 you might opt for an older discontinued model instead, like the Hyundai ix35 for around half the price. There are more huge sites where you can see car types and deals –, KBB, Edmund’s and Find the Best Car Price are only some of them. Either way, whether you choose to buy new or used, stick to your budget. You made it for a reason.

Whether you opt for a new or used family vehicle remember that when buying for a larger family, it’s always safety first, then prioritise by size and budget.






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