We Review: The Indesit Innex 10kg Washing Machine


We have gone through a fair few washing machines in our time, and not all of them have been that impressive. However, the Indesit Innex BWE 101684X W Washing Machine is everything a washing machine should be – reliable, easy to use, and family friendly. Featuring a 10kg laundry load and a Push & Wash program, it’s perfect for everyday use whether you’re washing for the many or the few, and it has an impressively reasonable price tag that won’t break the budget.

The Indesit Innex BWE 101684X contains all of the regular wash cycles such as daily cottons, synthetics, colours, and delicates, and then also features a 30 minute cycle for when your clothes require a slight freshen up. The most impressive feature, however, is definitely the Push & Wash program. The impressiveness doesn’t lie in any faddy complications or needless additions to the machine. The feature that impresses is one that does so through its sheer simplicity.


Indesit Innex washing machine Push&Wash


The Push & Wash cycle is so simple that it can be used by anyone in the house, even the children. Simply press the magical* blue button for two seconds and it will automatically start a 30° cycle that is great for a daily wash. It’s brilliant for the days that we are in a rush and don’t have time to fiddle about with different temperatures and cycles. This particular feature has been well-used in our house already, with even the smaller kids being able to load their washing and start the cycle all by themselves, encouraging independence and getting them involved in simple household chores. Many hands make light work and all that comes to fruition with Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign and the Innex, that’s for sure! Find out more about it here.


Indesit Innex washing machine DIT


Another of my favourite handy gems on this machine is the option to schedule a wash in advance. Whilst we have the washing machine going almost constantly in our house, it is helpful for when we know we will be out all day but don’t want to risk leaving damp clothes in the machine, avoiding mould and that noticeable wet-clothes smell.

There are a few extra features on the Innex that makes it productive without being overly-complicated or containing so many features that you don’t know where to begin. The machine calculates how much water to use based on the amount of clothing in it, which makes doing laundry cheaper than ever. There is even a cycle just for giving trainers a thorough wash for when they get just slightly too muddy and smelly to push to the side, but when they aren’t quite bad enough to need replacing!

BWE 101684X W UK - hi

The simplicity of the Push & Wash is the bonus feature which means even the youngest feel as if they are joining in with the grown up responsibilities of laundry. Any machine that gets children excited about doing chores is a winner in our book – after all, why not let them make the most of it before adulthood takes that shine off!

This machine is not packed with flashing lights, bells and whistles. If technology and feature after feature is what you are looking for, this isn’t for you. This machine enables busy households to do what they need to – simply to get their laundry done. It is an affordable machine that doesn’t break the bank, making it a good choice when you want reliability, simplicity and practicality without having to pay over the odds.


Indesit Innex washing machine lifestyle 2


So far, so good. The machine has proven to be reliable and washes clothes extremely well, with minimal hassle. The only thing I would say to Indesit is that, whilst a 10kg capacity is large for most, personally I would prefer to see it in a 12kg or, even better, a 13kg version. This, for me, would make it absolutely ideal.

If you are in need of a new washing machine, it is definitely worth giving the Indesit Innex consideration.Find out more information and where to buy it here.


*It’s not really ‘magic’

Thank you very much to Indesit for providing us with the Innex BWE 101684X W Washing Machine for the purpose of this review.






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