Why Not Reconnect as a Family and Take a Time Out Vacation?

A growing number of families now find that the only time they all come together is during a vacation.

With most families now spending meal times on their electronic gadgets, it’s little wonder that most of us feel disconnected as a family.

When it comes to vacation time, many adults cite reconnecting as their primary goal for a family trip. Yet, this isn’t always guaranteed to get desired results!


Making Vacation Memories to Treasure

Unfortunately, by the time you make it to that much-needed family getaway, tempers usually start to fray as reality hits quickly. The prospect of spending a full seven days with one another, without a room to escape to, can test even the most patient personalities!

Here are a few simple but effective ways to ensure a more connected vacation time:


  • Ban the Tech

Easier said than done but, unless it’s an emergency, could you make an exception for just this one week and input a no-tech rule for the duration of your vacation?

If you can’t quite manage it, why not limit the number of hours each person spends on it, and that includes the adults here as well!


  • Compromise

The kid’s ideas of a great vacation won’t always match the adults. If this is your most significant problem year after year, why not reach an agreement?

For example, maybe the adults want to make a couple of leisurely strolls and take on a bit of sightseeing, while the kids just want somewhere sunny?

Why not agree on a balanced comprise, for example, a walking tour in Madrid, whereby you combine everyone’s interests in the one vacation?


  • Consider Changing How You Take Your Vacation

If you find that your current vacation choices are a common cause of arguments between all family members or it involves a lot of time spent apart, as in a similar scene to back home, why not change the type of vacation you take?

If you usually go city, why not try the country for a change? Perhaps you typically spend time lounging by the pool as the kids wander off and do their own thing? Why not have a go at something more active where you all have to spend time within each other’s company?


  • Alternate Each Day

Perhaps you have a destination firmly in mind, but struggle with what to do to please everyone once you’re there? Why not draw up a family timetable before you head off?

Break up the vacation into days and allow each family member to choose an activity of their choice? That way, everyone gets to do at least one thing they’ve always wanted to do and, as a result, you get to work as a family unit as you do so.


  • If All Else Fails, Bribe!

Being practical, a week spent in extreme proximity can push both adults and kids to the limit! If you know your family won’t be able to make it through the week this way, why not add a few incentives?

Perhaps, if the kids agree to go out and have fun one day with the family, they can earn back their tech a couple of hours that evening?


Ultimately, it’s all about making those memories which both your children and you will remember for many more years to come.  




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