A Family Swimwear Buying Guide


All of this hot weather has got everyone swimming more. It is just about the only effective way to stay cool. So, naturally, retailers like Jacamo, and others, have seen demand for swimming shorts and Speedos soar.

It does not matter whether you are shopping for your little ones, teenagers or yourself, buying the right type of swimwear is important. You want everyone to be comfortable as well as look good. Here are a few tips to help you to do exactly that.


Make sure everyone’s swimming costume is practical

If all you are planning to do is to lie on the beach, any style of swimwear should be OK. However, if yours is an active family you need to make sure that everyone has a swimming costume that is practical. It needs to stay in place no matter what activities your family members participate in.

Try to buy swimwear that is made from fabric that dries quickly. This is especially important for the kids. They tend to pop in and out of the water more. If their swimwear dries out quickly there will be less chance of the costume rubbing, which can lead to painful red patches developing.


Is it modest?

When wearing swimwear, most people feel a little self-conscious. This is especially the case if their swimming costume is not modest enough. When buying swimwear it is always wise to try it on in front of a mirror.

Once you get your purchases home, get everyone to go through a full range of movements with their costume on. This will allow you to spot potential modesty issues and deal with them. Do this when the swimming costume is both dry and wet. That way you will not discover, too late, that the straps on your bikini stretch too much when they are wet. If they do that, the simple act of bending forward to get something out of your beach bag could lead to an embarrassing moment.


Sun protection

For your younger children, consider buying a sun protective swimwear. This style of swimwear covers more of the body and is made from fabric that is thick enough to stop the harmful rays of the sun from getting through. Provided you buy the right type, your child will still be able to enjoy swimming. The fact that there is far less skin on show means that you should not have to spend as long applying sunblock.


Choose a flattering cut

Naturally, you want the whole family to look good on the beach. So, always try to buy swimwear that is as flattering as possible. This short article explains how to do that when buying swimwear for the female members of the family.


Our beach-ready tips

If you are planning to get to the beach more, you will find this article that we wrote, earlier this year, particularly useful. You can use it as a checklist to make sure you always have everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach, easily to hand.





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