You Can’t Spell Community Without Unity



Do you ever look around you and realise that people don’t seem as connected as they once were? Or perhaps you live in a fantastic and friendly neighbourhood where everybody is friendly.

Either way we should all aspire to be like this in the community as it only benefits us all, plus there is always room for improvement.

Look at it this way, a community that is divided and separated is going to have a hard time flourishing into the future.


What can be done to help make a change?

That change can start with one person and that is you, we can all lead by example and then encourage others to join in the fun.  Whether it be in the work place, the street you live in or the local schools, a good start is to make people aware of the environmental damage that we all inflict on a daily basis.


Being socially responsible

Every habit or decision we make throughout the day can have a positive of negative effect on the environment, believe it or not both take the same amount of effort.


The problem is not bigger than you are

People can take a flippant attitude towards environmentally sound practices, thinking that somebody else will be there to take care of their mess. That attitude is what has gotten us all into this situation in the first place.


That needs to change

Cities in the western world are now making a collective ambition to become more inclusive, safe and sustainable. The global population is on the increase and that makes it harder to prosper, so we need to find new ways to make sure we can all flourish well into the future.

No positive step is too small when you are doing anything that will help this movement go in the right direction. Imagine a planet that is affordable, cities are lush and green and living conditions have not gotten worse due to pollution.


Take care in what you consume

The planet has been plunged for its natural resources as far back as man kind can muster, we all have a responsibility to use our choices in the best possible ways.

Seeing a significant reduction in waste and reusing items whenever we can is an entry level success that anybody can apply. Introducing items such as a cup recycling bin from Glasdon encourages everyone to make small changes that, when combined, make a big difference. Click here to download this informative ebook  which will help to inspire you to make a change in your community.

Talk to your kid’s teachers, your seniors in the office or anybody else who could make this happen and let’s start looking after the planet.

Little by little.







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