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The world and life is in a constant state of motion. Nothing remains fixed. Everything is moving, growing, changing. People change, landscapes change, politics change, the only real constant is change itself. It is because of this constant change that it is fun and interesting to follow the latest trends. Whether you are into technology trends, or fashion trends, there is something out there for everyone.

A trend isn’t just some passing fad, it is a kind of cultural movement and fascination that sweeps up millions of people at once. These trends can be as powerful and lasting as the sustainability movement, or as fleeting and strange as parachute pants. Below we put together some of the most interesting trends of 2018.


Artificial Aging 

This is a very interesting trend that just popped up rather recently. The younger generations are becoming infatuated with vintage. It is very in fashion now to do things that would be considered fun or engaging for a grandmother. Clothing, knitting, furniture, houses, it seems that the younger generations are embracing a simpler time. This trend makes sense considering the current political and social climate is more chaotic than it has ever been before.


Essential Self-Care 

Once it was considered indulgent to constantly fawn over yourself and take long breaks. Now however, many are embracing that self-care is an essential part of life, and that everyone should take time to make sure that they are feeling and looking their best. Even men have started to embrace this trend. It was once frowned upon for men to even consider something as indulgent as self-care, but as people become more conscious, they are realizing that self-care is important for everyone.


Movie Studio Tours 

Something that seems to be picking up popularity among today’s youth is touring movie studios. Warner Bros Studios tours are particularly popular thanks to their hand in producing the Harry Potter movies. The popularity of the movie has fueled tourism of the studio, and Warner Bros definitely know how to add to the magic. In the tour they have included everything from hidden golden snitches, to fake snow in the forbidden forest, and probably the most interesting, wand-dueling areas where you can learn how they made the wand-fighting in the movie so interactive and immersive.


Healthy Pet Food 

Everyone around the world is getting more conscientious about what they put inside their bodies. With all the research coming out about how harmful many of our processed foods are, this is no surprise. Now the eating healthy trend has made its way into the animal kingdom. Pet owners are also getting healthier food for their pets so that they live longer lives and have a better quality of life. The new consumer demand for better dog food has driven companies to come out with organic ingredient lists from known sources, and include balanced diets complete with fruits and vegetables.

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