Ideas on How to Style Your Small Bathroom

Besides your kitchen, the bathroom is one of the first places that people consider when looking to revamp their home and add some personal style into your home. Not all renovations require a huge budget and the big spending only makes sense if you are the home owner.

When it comes to styling your bathroom, you may have been pondering different ideas for quite some time, asking yourself how you can make it look better without making major, expensive changes. Well you can style every room that has a specific function and your bathroom is no exception to the rule.


Are you doing it yourself?

Doing a quick switcharoo by swapping light fittings, showerheads and cabinet hardware are all affordable ways to pimp up your pad in affordable ways.


Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors take up a large amount of wall space and can really give the room a facelift, making small bathrooms appear bigger without breaking the bank. Round mirrors are very in fashion at the moment and you can easily find one that suits your overall colour and themes.


What about towels?

Towels are very functional but can add to style when they are left laying out, so you may as well go for pretty ones too. Try a little trick of ours, fold them into thirds vertically, then drape them over the side of your bath tub. Or you can get a stool or basket to store and display your extra towels, this is another great way to add style for very little cost!


Shower and bathtubs

Try draping fresh eucalyptus over your shower head to add some greenery to an otherwise plain looking shower, it will also add in some aromatherapy for your showering experiences. Do you hate your shower floor? Then opt in for covering it with a teak slat floor tile and add some funky flavour.

As for adding style to bathtubs, try adding a tub tray, then you can read a book or sip on a cup of chamomile teas as you relax.

The main goals of keeping your small bathroom well styled are to keep it simple and tidy, don’t store a bunch of items that you don’t really need.

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