Making the most of car journeys with your children!


Lookers, Motability dealers, have created some fun and creative ideas to maximise fun during your car journey, and minimise the stress.

Driving with your children has a stereotype of being one of the excruciating moments, full of sibling quarrels and noisy distractions – challenging your sanity each time.

Moving away from technology, it always good to have some traditional alternatives at the ready! Perhaps the below may be of use for you to use throughout your next family drive…

Hungry child? Expect the worst! Nobody is happy when they’re hungry, especially a young child. To preventing a tantrum happening mid-drive, keep a cooler in the front seat and pack this with a range of delicious, potentially healthy snacks, with a mix of drinks and treats. This is always a good way to keep the kids happy!

Pack Wisely. A good way of keeping your children occupied, is by keeping a bag full of all of their favourite things. This may include a range of items, such as books, colouring in items, pens and cuddly toys. With endless possibilities, your children will be spoilt for choice of what they can do!

Fancy a good read? An audio book may be the excellent way to distract yourself from the childish distractions around you. Pop on your favourite book and let your children’s imagination go wild.

Preparing games! When driving, there are an endless range of games to play with your children… One of which could potentially be “Yellow car”, in which you find as many yellow cars as possible. Why not switch this up and do it with your favourite colour? ‘Back seat bingo’ is also a popular one, in which you draw a grid for each player before setting off, and fill the squares with sites that you must tick off.

We hope we’ve gave you a range of ideas to combat boredom during drives with your children – they don’t all need to be as awful as it seems!





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