8 Things to Do Before You Book Your Trip


In a hustle, you can forget about the most important things you need for and during your trip. We all remember that classic, funny situation in ‘’Home Alone” when the parents forgot one of their children in all the hustle. This was entertaining in the movie, but it surely wouldn’t be as much fun if it happened for real.

This is a bit far-fetched, but it doesn’t really have to be something as dramatic as a child to ruin your trip. If you don’t do the necessary preparations before you go on a trip, you might end up having troubles that will stress all the fun out of the holiday. Here is what you need to do before you book a trip:


Check if Your Passport is Up to Date

This sounds obvious and to some even funny, but realizing that your passport is expired at the airport is never a good thing. Nothing will ruin your holiday excitement like an expired passport and a day to renew it, or if you cannot find the passport when you have to be on your way in 15 minutes.

As soon as you decide to take your vacation, look for your passport first. Then you can make the reservations and plans.


Gather the Remaining Documents

Some countries require a visa, so your passport might not be enough. Get informed as soon as possible and attain that visa to be able to actually go on your vacation.

In addition to the visa, you will need your ID, driving license, as well as some helpful documents such as:

  • Printed airplane, bus, or train ticket
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Bank information in case your card gets lost or stolen


Get Travel Insurance

In addition to all those documents, you will take with you, get travel insurance to have everything covered. Compare which travel insurance is best – look for cancellation refunds, health insurance, etc. Travel insurance is not at all costly, but can literally save you when you have a problem while on vacation.


Know How to Move Around

Many people get so careless or excited before a trip, they forget to organise the most important details. Plan how you will move around. Plan for your transportation to the airport and from the airport to the place you’ll be staying in, as well as some tips for moving around a completely unknown town.


Check the Luggage Allowance

Even if you are flying regularly, airlines can have different luggage allowances based on the ticket you purchase. To be on the safe side, double-check this when purchasing your ticket and plan what you will take with you on your trip.

If you need only the hand luggage, see how much you are allowed to carry. Make a short pre-list before you book the ticket – will the allowed weight fit all the things you plan to carry with you. If not, pre-book extra luggage in advance.


Make Plans to Secure Your Home

Starting from a dog sitter to a house sitter, you need everything planned ahead. You wouldn’t want to come home from your trip and find your fish dead because you forgot to ask someone to feed them, or your house was broken into because you didn’t turn on the house alarm.

If you don’t have a house sitter per se, ask a friend or family member to check on your house. Give the key to a trusted neighbor in case something goes wrong while you aren’t there, and keep your phone on in case one of these people needs to reach you while on your trip.


Sort Out Your Budget

Regardless of how much money you have to spend, always plan your budget before you go on a trip. Consider currency exchange, travel, transportation, accommodation and meal expenses. This should give you an approximate sum of spending on the vacation, but you should most certainly leave some room for additional costs.

If you are planning on renting a car, add that expense to your list, as well as any upcoming reservations in restaurants, tours, etc.


Be Smart About Your Money

Planning your budget does not make you prepared. You will need to plan different types of payment, such as cash and credit cards. If your credit card goes missing or your bank account is somehow emptied, what will you do?

Always have some cash in you, but not too much. It is also smart to inform the bank before you go on a trip to avoid them blocking it when new expenses in a different country show up.

These 8 steps should help you make your trip more enjoyable!






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