The Cost of Installing Kitchen Flooring

Installing new kitchen flooring in your home can greatly vary depending on many factors. Type of flooring, size of the space, whether previous flooring has to be installed or if there is leveling work to be done. However, the basic cost of labour, flooring materials and installation is going to be fairly similar for most homes when you are hiring a tradesperson or a local contractor to do the installation work for you in the home. So, without factoring material will vary based on if you choose hardwoods versus linoleum these are some basics about pricing for new floor installation in the kitchen.


For the most part, you are going to pay anywhere from £150-250 per day for the cost of labour. There are some companies which will charge a flat-rate based on the size of the space, but this is often going to be costlier than if you were to hire by the day/hour. It is important to compare local companies so you can find price disparities when hiring a contractor.


In the event work has to be done to the foundation, this can often run between £500-2000 in most homes. Prices will greatly vary based on the home’s location/where you live, size of the kitchen, if the floors are off-level and need to be evened or if there are other dips/damage to the foundation which has to be repaired. Comparing a few companies will help you find the best prices and the best tradesman to complete the job for you.

Fixed price

Some companies, are going to charge a flat-rate for service, in addition to the labour. This can range from cost of equipment, to the number of men who will be working on the site. For most homeowners, this can run between £250-500 in most areas.

Factor in the price of flooring

Of course, if you choose oak, hardwood floors you can easily pay over £2000 for just the wood material. On the other hand, if you go with linoleum or vinyl, this might cost less than £500 for the entire kitchen. So, this might be the greatest disparity which will cause differences in pricing when you are considering upgrading the floors in the kitchen.

Like any other service/installation/upgrade, shop and compare. This will allow homeowners to find the most skilled team, most reasonable pricing and best guarantees, when upgrading the flooring in their kitchen and other areas of the home.






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