3 Girls, 3 Spring Fashion Picks


Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we’ll do a large shop for the warmer or colder seasons that are approaching. As the recent weather tells us, spring might finally have sprung and as a result it’s time to get the debit card out. Here are some of our children’s spring fashion favourites and picks that they’d love to see added to the virtual shopping basket:


 For Anna


monsoon sparkle dress

Anna is very slimly built and has fairly delicate features. Her personality, however, can flit between femininely Sense and Sensibility-esque to championship WWE wrestler in a heartbeat.

For the former moments, she would thoroughly shine in this dress Monsoon Estella Sparkle dress which absolutely suits her dainty features and would be perfectly teamed with a pair of Geox Junior Piuma Ballerine Pumps.

Geox Junior Piuma Ballerine Pumps

In the latter moments, she will simply resemble 1990s Jake the Snake in a dress.


For Libby

monsoon flower dress

Libby has selected this gorgeous little number which perfectly suits her perfect posture and elegant poise. Ever the princess, Libby has a tomboy-ish side to her too. A love of sports seems to be emerging, including an astonishingly natural talent on the ice rink, and she’s just as happy having a kick of the football (although not as talented as the skating, to be fair). Just because they are twins doesn’t mean they have to be alike. And Libby and Anna aren’t. Not in any way, shape or form.

To go with this lovely Monsoon Ladybird dress you also need a pair of shoes. To be more specific, Libby says they should be these ones:

satin shoes


For Isobel:


Bel is 13 months younger than the twins but they might as well have been triplets. She’s a small girl with a huge personality. She’s a cross between Spinelli from Recess (remember that programme?), Wednesday Adams and Disney princess, depending on her mood. She has a sweetness that is uncomparable and a directness and honesty that at times is anything but sweet. She tells things like they are, and feels just as comfy in a pair of jeggings as she does dressing up. Today, she felt like dressing up in this Monsoon Rose dress paired with white Start-Rite Sunflower shoes.

sunflower shoes


Don’t be fooled by their current fashion choices. Just look out for three girls in pretty dresses climbing trees…



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