What’s the Cheapest Way to Get to the Airport for Your Family Holiday This Year?


It is finally spring, and for a lot of us, that means it is time to really start looking forward to the summer, and of course, any exciting holidays you and your family have planned! Whether you are going for some Spanish sun, going camping in France, or having a holiday at a family resort in Greece, you probably already have lots of plans involving what you are going to do to get the most out of your time. One part of a holiday that can be less exciting to plan, however, is the logistical nightmare that can be getting to the airport with all of your luggage and family members!

Whichever airport you are flying from, you likely have a public transport option, can take a taxi or minicab, or can drive and use long stay parking for your car. Naturally, the cheapest and most convenient option is to have someone who can give you a lift there and pick you up once your holiday is over, but since not everybody has that option, for instance you may not know anyone with a car big enough to accommodate your family, or you are going to be leaving or arriving at strange times, we will only consider the other three options here. So, what are the pros and cons of each way of getting to the airport?



If you have a car, then driving is usually the most convenient means of getting to the airport, as you are not restricted when it comes to what time you can leave. You also don’t have to worry about carting your luggage around on trains or buses, and you can go straight from door to door. Traffic can be a concern at times, particularly in the summer, but with some planning you can be sure you’ll get there in good time and be ready to start your holiday with minimal stress. The main thing that can put some people off using this option, however, is the cost of long term parking, though you may find you can get some good deals on this by booking in advance at your chosen airport’s car parks. You can find information about Birmingham airport car park 7, for example, decide which car park is best for you, and plan all of this in advance so you have nothing to worry about when it is time to go. ¬†Most airports have this information online at websites like birminghamparking.com. Depending on how far away you live and how big your family is, driving and paying for parking may not even be the most expensive option – the cost of trains is notoriously high in the UK, and goes up significantly the more people you are travelling with.


Taxis and Minicabs

After driving yourself, taxis are the second most stress-free option, allowing you to leave at a time of your choice, and travel without having concerns about public transport delays or cancellations, or about negotiating the journey with a lot of luggage. Most taxi firms offer fixed rates to nearby airports, and this allows you to know the cost in advance and also to make a booking that will ensure you get sent a car big enough for your family and luggage – most firms have people carriers or even minibuses in their fleets. The only time you might not want to use a taxi is if you are travelling from an airport that is very far away – for instance if you can only get to your chosen destination from Heathrow but you don’t live in the South East. In that situation, a taxi will likely end up being prohibitively expensive, however it can be worth getting quotes anyway – you may find that it can still beat the cost of trains if you are travelling in a large group.


Public Transport

Public transport can be good, or can add a lot of stress, depending on how far you need to go and how well served your town is by transport lines to airports. If you have to use trains to go quite a long distance, then it can be worth checking out coaches too – these are generally a lot cheaper, and while they do take longer on average, they will get you to the airport or at least to somewhere where you can get an easy connection to the airport without too much discomfort. If you are going to take trains, especially for long distances, do book in advance and look out for deals that can help you save on family travel. You can save an enormous amount using offers like these.

As you can see, all of the different ways to get your family to the airport have different merits and which one will be cheapest will depend a lot on how far you need to go, so do some research now while you are planning your holiday!






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