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When there’s a large family with a wide range of ages to consider, it’s hard to settle on a holiday destination. Obviously what appeals to teenagers will not be of interest to toddlers. If you’re thinking of extended family that includes grandparents, it becomes even harder. Not everyone is going to be happy spending a couple of weeks lounging on the beach or by the pool so you need a destination that appeals to all ages with plenty of diverse things to see and do. Like these:


The Maldives

If your budget stretches to a long-haul holiday, The Maldives is an excellent choice. Don’t assume that this stunning group of islands is just a tropical paradise for couples and honeymooners. In recent years, The Maldives have been expanding their tourist offering to provide entertainment for all ages. Even better, things are so well organised that you can send the younger ones off to a supervised group and the teens to a well-planned activity while the adults can do their own thing, getting back together whenever you’re ready to do so. Children can enjoy wildlife tours, teens and adults can learn to scuba dive, there’s over=the-water yoga, boat trips, water sports and of course, the stunning beaches. Activities and things for the whole family to do together include dolphin tours, game fishing, crab collecting and racing, sandbank swimming and snorkelling.



The Maltese Islands are one of the most fascinating destinations in Europe. The people are extremely hospitable and welcoming and English is widely spoken. This small country has seen a lot of action in its lifetime and historical attractions range from Neolithic temples to the stunning architecture of the capital Valletta which represents many centuries of style and growth. The beaches are beautiful and often unusual (there’s a red sand beach), the churches (lots of them) are interesting and it’s easy to get around to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the interior. Valletta is vibrant and gorgeous and most every visitor wants to go the War Museum which tells the amazing story of how Malta bravely fought against the Nazis in World War II and earned the George Cross. Boat trips are available to the smaller islands from of Comino and Gozo or you can drive over on a ferry. There are plenty of family-friendly activities too including Popeye Village, a bird park, Playmobil Fun Park, a water park and the national aquarium.



A small country (about two-thirds the size of Wales), once part of Yugoslavia, Montenegro is located in the Southern Adriatic. It might be small, but the wealth of geographical diversity usually stuns visitors: there is a gorgeous coastline, mountains and valleys, lakes, beaches and national parks. The capital, Podgorica has a population of less than 150,000 and there is only one other town with over 50,000 residents. The people offer a warm welcome, usually with a huge helping of food and this is one country where the usual tourist scams don’t seem to have landed yet. It sounds idyllic and indeed it is, but you still need the usual security like family or group travel insurance and especially, travel insurance for those over 70 in your party. It may sound a little off the beaten track but there are plenty of things for families to do in Montenegro. All the usual beachside activities and water sports are available, outdoor activities abound in the mountains, on the lakes and in the towns, there are more than plenty historical and cultural attractions for all ages and it’s also easy to reach other places of interest like Dubrovnik in neighbouring Croatia.





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2 thoughts on “Unique Places to Visit

  1. I would definitely love to visit Montenegro, mainly for the culture. I hear Lake Skadar is pretty popular and that is the first place I would go to. Nice article.

  2. I have been to the Maldives and absolutely loved it, from swimming to snorkelling this place has so much to offer. Haven’t been to Malta, what is the best time to visit there?
    Would love to go there!

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