Track Days: A Different Kind of Gift for Someone Special

With multiple members of a family, there can often feel like a constant need to try and find novel gift ideas, experience days have become a great way to find something new and exciting for all age groups. With an experience day, you can search for something suitable for all members of the family which can be undertaken in a flexible way so that everyone can go along, simply observe or partake if they want to! One such experience day is a track day gift which is a great way to have fun and appeals to a wide range of family members.

Track Days and Driving Experiences

With most Track Days you have the opportunity to take along your own car or a motorcycle to race around a track for a lap or a couple of hours in an evening event. Although you don’t need any racing experience, in some cases you may need a full and valid driving licence or a race licence, so it is best to check this prior to booking.

If you choose to buy a driving experience for a family member the vehicle is supplied.  A driving experience gives you a chance to enjoy the delights of racing around the track in a dream car and the types of cars you will get to drive as part of the experience could be Rally, classics, unique custom track cars or a choice of Supercars. Some tracks cater for children as young as 11 upwards including junior supercar driving experiences. So if you look around you are sure to find an experience that is pitched at the right level. A driving experience gives you a chance to enjoy the delights of racing around the track in a dream car.


What to Expect on a Track Day or Driving Experience

There are a few things to consider and prepare for so that the recipient of your gift has a perfect day when they go for their track day or driving experience:

Arriving for the experience: it can be a little nerve-jangling for those who have not had this kind of day before but after the first try it often becomes addictive! The track day and driving experience staff will put the driver at ease and go through the regulations and rules, so turning up early and refreshed is a good idea.

Using your own vehicle: cars in good condition shouldn’t have any problems but it’s useful to make sure that if a service hasn’t been carried out for a while that all fluids levels and tyres look good which will enhance the experience and avoid any disappointment if the vehicle is not up to scratch.

Inside the car: before the big day make sure all loose objects are removed then they won’t fly around, and if a video camera is used make sure it’s firmly attached.

Insurance: it’s possible to purchase this before the day for those using their own vehicle.


And Finally…

After the adrenaline rush and the feeling of euphoria expect the recipient of your gift to want to go back for more and try this again!

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