Travel Essentials for Half Term Sun With the Kids

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Spring half term is one of my favourite times to go on a family trip. The atmosphere is buzzing, and not only are the kids excited to be on holiday, but they’re also in a joyous mood. If you’re going away to somewhere hot this half term, there are a few essential items every parent needs to take with them. Read through my check list and make sure you’re covered for your next family getaway.


Sun hats

Sun hats are an absolute must when on holiday, and something that can be very easily overlooked. The spring  sun is just as powerful as a summer one, especially if you’re travelling in the southern hemisphere, and a sun hat not only protects the top of your child’s head but also their face from burning. If you’re planning to be at the beach everyday – and who isn’t – it’s important to dress your kids correctly so they don’t come down with the dreaded heatstroke or turn beetroot red.


Sun cream

To go along with that sun hat make sure you’ve got your trusty sun cream. They range from 15-50 SPF, but if you’ve got kids it’s best to err on the side of caution and get the highest ranking one. The NHS guidelines on using suncream says you should apply it twice, 30 minutes before going out and again just before you leave the house. If your kids are water lovers reapply it as soon as they get out of the water, even if it says it’s water proof.


Hand held games

Travelling with children can be daunting, especially if it’s a long haul flight. To make it easier on yourself bring along a hand held games console, iPad or tablet or follow these other simple flying tricks. Not only will electronics keep them entertained if your flight is delayed, but once you’ve gotten to your destination they’ll have something to keep them occupied in any downtime or travel periods.


Inflatable arm bands

When we think of holidaying in the sun, sandy coastlines automatically come to mind. Kids love the beach, especially when they get to swim in the cool shallows. To keep your little ones safe make sure you bring along some travel inflatable arm bands. These can be easily deflated and packed into your suitcase to be used holiday after holiday. If your kids are a little older, and you’re looking for another alternative to arm bands, there are a lot of choices out there to help them swim confidently.


Fast-drying beach towels

Probably one of the best inventions around is the fast drying beach towel. Microfibre beach towels are great for travelling with children, as they are more absorbent than other towels, lightweight, quick drying and very compact. You won’t have to worry about any unpleasant odours covering your beach towels anymore, and they come in a range of fun bright colours.


Fold away compact snorkel kits

Have you ever heard of a roll up snorkle kit? Well they are everywhere these days, and a travel essential if you’re headed to the beach. There’s no need to hire snorkelling equipment any more. These compact silicone mouthpieces, and flexible tubes, can be quickly packed away into any carry-on luggage. If you’ve got plans to swim in the Caribbean, or anywhere with tropical fish and coral, these kits are ideal.


Mini binocular

Light weight mini binoculars may not seem like a travel essential right off the bat, but as soon as you unpack them on your holiday you’ll be wondering how on earth your kids survived without them. Child-sized binoculars are perfect for those adventurous outdoorsy kids in your family, and if you’re travelling in the sun there will be plenty of opportunities to use them. Go bird watching, be on the lookout for any marine wildlife, or check out the Milky Way on whatever side of the world you’re holidaying in. For informative reviews, head over to before making your final pick.


Large beach bag

This is by far the best travel essential to take with you if you’re going on a family holiday. A large beach bag will have multiple uses, including a place to store baby wipes, nappies, sun cream, towels, snorkel kits and every other item on this essential travel list. Not only are large beach bags practical but they’re also fashionable, and come in a whole range of styles, sizes and colours. Find a bag that matches your personality and that will be large enough to keep all your kid’s go-to beach items.

Do you have all these travel essentials for your next half term holiday with the kids? Or are there any items I’ve left out? Let me know what you think in the comments below.







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  1. This is a really cool blog post. This summer, I am gonna apply all these tips you have given over here…the ones which specially excited me were mini-binoculars and inflatable arm bands.

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