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This year’s travel plans are yet unconfirmed and looking likely to be last-minute decisions based on whims, fancies, curiousity and adventure. Everyone has an opinion on where they would like to go. Two firm favourites and repeated requests are to revisit “Greece-and-all-the-countries-on-the-way-to-it” and what has become our home-from-home for the last few years, Italy. In addition are a few other requests. When I say a few, I do mean several. There are a lot of people wanting to explore a lot of places and the list does not seem to be decreasing any time soon! Here are some of 2018’s possible destinations that look likely to make the list:




Rathaus Glockenspiel Marienplatz Munich


Cait and I visited Munich last year to celebrate her 18th birthday and, though neither of us are particular fans of cities in general, we both absolutely fell for it. Packed with so much to do and with the most excellent and reliable public transport facilities, this is a must-do for anyone. Accommodation-wise, we would return to Hotel Dolomit in a heartbeat. Cheap rooms, conveniently located for the main station, clean with helpful staff and average-sized rooms, this provides everything you need for a low cost city break in the heart of the city. Click over here to find out what we got up to in only four days in Munich.



Sicily has been on the list for so long and it is likely that this year is the year to finally make it there. With Mount Etna, the Valley of the Temples and Byzantine mosaics, and of course the fabulous food, Italy remains a firm favourite with us, especially since it is where my great-grandfather originally came from. We can grab a quick ferry ride over complete with minibus and the wonderful Holiday Home Gionni and Mary caters perfectly for the large family with its self contained, sea facing apartments.




Legoland Denmark family room


Denmark, the home of hygge and Lego. What is not to love about it? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing. Especially with the specially themed rooms at the Hotel LEGOLAND Denmark. Fun for all ages, guaranteed.



And whilst we’re on the subject of trips just for the kids, there is something quite magical about Efteling in the Netherlands. If you haven’t heard of it before, Efteling is a theme park based on ancient myths and legends, fables and folklore. Okay, so the kids haven’t actually heard of it yet… but it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages! If you want to visit but need to keep costs down, the NH Waalwijk is less than two miles away and with family rooms available, free parking, free internet and breakfast included, it is the ideal base for a family stay.



Norway is another as yet undiscovered destination for us. Not usually one for the cold, I think the beautiful landscape and breathtaking views would be ample consolation and well worth making the visit for. And, if I were to be persuaded to try a little skiing, there is always the option of at deluxe room at the ski-in, ski-out resort of Birkebeineren Hotel & ApartmentsStranger things have happened!



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  1. Great destination. Btw, Canada is a beautiful place to visit too. I hope you’ll get a chance to venture the place. However, you might need a visa or permit before entering the country. Visit https://www.travelvisacanada.ca/ if you wish to apply. Anyhow, I will bookmark this for my future reference.

  2. You’ve picked great destinations. They are also on my bucket list. Only the turmoil in Europe causes me concern but still I’m intrepid adventurer will still go forth. Thanks for sharing!

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