What’s on Their Wish List? Trending Kids Gifts for Christmas 2017



Each new holiday season brings with it new gift trends, and toys are no exception! Nothing puts a smile on a child’s face like unwrapping the perfect toy. So what are this year’s hottest holiday gifts for kids? Read on to learn about 2017’s trendiest toys.


The Unstoppable Ukulele

Moana mania has been going strong since the film premiered, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down! Because of this, more and more kids are asking for ukuleles this year. The ukulele is a perfect pint-sized musical instrument. With its small size and just four strings, it’s easy for kids to pick up and start playing. Whether it’s for a serious foray into music-making or just a fun strum here and there, a ukulele makes a creative gift that’s guaranteed to be a hit with kids of all ages.


Zombie Takeover

From action figures to zombie-themed Nerf guns to board games, zombies are truly taking over… the toy aisle! However, the newest trend is the Zorbeez zombie toys offered by Maya Toys, with the Creature Chumper and Monster Oozers. Something about the undead inspires hours upon hours of creative play, so it’s no wonder that zombie-related toys are in such high demand this year.


A Puppy

Maybe this year the stuffed puppy for cuddling with at night isn’t enough for your kids. Before you take the leap to get a family dog you must do your research and it starts with what breed to get. Narrowing your search down by size, temperament, health, lifespan, and behavioral tendencies can cause you a lot of headaches in the future. Getting a high energy puppy when you aren’t around much will ruin your experience, or maybe getting a breed that comes with a lot of health concerns is something you just can’t deal with or afford. Doing your research with books and websites on breeds and pet care like Canna-Pet’s resource on anti-inflammatories for dogs is a must.


Active Activities

An active child is a happy child, which is probably why so many kids want toys that encourage physical activity! Scooters and skateboards are top picks, especially for older kids. Younger children are clamoring for pint-sized ATVs adorned with their favorite cartoon characters. Regardless of age, kids are using their wish lists to demonstrate that they love living an active childhood and getting their exercise – especially if they have a toy to add to the fun!


Slime, Sand, Surprise!

Two of the year’s biggest toy trends are surprisingly simple: slime and kinetic sand. Popularized by videos on social media, these classic gag gifts are experiencing a serious surge in demand. They can be purchased premade, which is the ideal option for younger kids. Older children, especially those who love arts and crafts, may prefer to make their own from a kit. Either way, slime and sand are taking the toy world by storm this year.


Nintendo Does It Again

Whenever Nintendo releases a new console, it’s inevitably one of the most desired gifts come holiday season. The Nintendo Switch is no exception, topping many a wish list this year. The innovative gaming console allows games to be played at home or on the go thanks to its portable screen-controller combo device. And the game selection will please any youngster, featuring titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


STEM Takes Center Stage

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields are experiencing a huge boom in today’s society. That effect extends to toys as well. Many kids are asking for STEM-related toys for Christmas this year. Robotics kits and chemistry sets are especially popular requests. Aside from being fun, these products offer great educational opportunities and allow kids to explore the different aspects of STEM while enjoying creative, productive play.




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