3 Vacation Rental Tips for Families



Vacation rentals range from sharing a hostel room together like poor college students to staying in a rented mansion, though there are options everywhere in between in almost any place you choose to visit. Here are three tips for families. And no, we aren’t going to suggest you save money by cramming everyone into one hotel room.


Decide What You Will Be Doing

One of the best ways to improve a trip is to find holiday rentals that accommodate what you want to do. If you’re travelling to the beach, a vacation rental that is a quick walk to the beach adds hours more time in the sun to your holiday without the worry about getting lost as you hike to the beach. If you’re on the ski slopes, a rental that is at the end of the ski courses you’ll be using puts your room a short distance away, instead of making you cross-country ski across the resort at the end of the day, no matter how tired you are or what you strained. If you want to enjoy the authentic foreign culture, a villa rental in a historic neighbourhood is probably better than the touristy areas. Plan where you will be staying so that you minimise how much you have to navigate foreign transit systems with children or lug personal supplies and the kids around.


Make It Worth It

When you’re travelling abroad, you’re already paying for airfare and likely a host of other expenses. Don’t try to save a little money by then cramming your family into a small hotel room or trying to live out of a hostel. Instead, spend a little more to rent space in a luxury home. You’ll sleep better. Your family will be more comfortable at the end of the day. And you’ll enjoy upscale amenities or even history in the place where you’re staying. For example, luxury villas Greece available through the Blue Villas Collection incorporate everything from Roman-style buildings to actual medieval villas.

Also, take the time to consider how much space you need to be comfortable. In theory, a family of four can share a single hotel room, but no one will sleep well. Renting two rooms next to each other in a private residence is likely much more comfortable. Rent a private apartment and you have a bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen available for use on your own schedule, and you don’t have to worry about little children getting lost looking for breakfast in the lounge. Conversely, a private apartment or home for rent will also be much more peaceful if one parent needs to return to the villa with a toddler for naptime.


Set a Budget

This isn’t contrary to the prior advice about spending a little more on accommodations that your family will love. Setting a budget means setting financial maximums on how much you’ll spend on everything from local travel to accommodations to souvenirs. It is probably worth it to rent a home that comes with a kitchen and shop locally than hit restaurants for every meal. If you’re renting rooms in someone else’s home, you could offset the cost by eating meals provided by the host. Or you may reduce the number of nights you’re staying in a foreign country and keep the shopping to a minimum so that you can enjoy the experience to the greatest degree possible. Another option is shifting where in the country you’ll be staying to a cheaper locale so that you can afford luxury accommodations.



If you want your family vacation to go smoothly, select accommodations that accommodate the activities you want to spend the most time on. Consider what will make the family most comfortable, whether this is multiple bedrooms, luxury facilities, or a minimum of stairs and tight security when you’re dealing with little children. Set a budget, and shift your plans to stay within it without sacrificing the quality of the experience.





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