Top Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy This Winter


Dry flaking skin, cold extremities, the necessity to keep warm and dry – it’s not just us humans that are affected by the chillier winter months but our pets too. The drop in temperatures and harsher weather means a little extra consideration is needed to ensure our pets are kept happy and healthy during this time of year.



Chapped hands and itching, flaking skin isn’t limited to us. The cold and wet weather conditions can leave your dogs with sore paws and dry skin too which, if left untreated, can lead to further problems that are certainly best avoided. Massaging sore paws, ears and tails with petroleum jelly or coconut oil will help keep them moisturised against the elements and a coat and skin supplement will help keep their skin moisturised.

Short-haired dogs might need a little help keeping warm during winter walks so it’s an idea to kit them out with a smart, well-fitting dog coat to help protect their fur and skin from the elements. Just like people, pets can develop emotional and mental issues as well. If you feel that there is a change in temperament in certain situations, KarmaPets can be a great resource to finding out the cause and solution.

Ensure your pet’s sleeping area is free of draughts and in a warm place. Raise it off the floor, if possible, and provide warm bedding for them to cosy up into. Keep them warm but don’t move them too close to radiators and fireplaces as they might get burned! Allow them to get warm but protect them from getting burned in their efforts to get snug by covering with fireguards or radiator covers where possible.



Cats are a lot more independent than dogs and their curiosity can leave them in a spot of bother. Spilt antifreeze can be fatal to your pets. Do be vigilant and keep a close eye on what they lap up when they venture out, and make sure you clear up any spills from the driveway after treating your car.

Cats love to hide under cars for warmth, especially near the engine when the vehicle has been recently used. Bang the bonnet of the car or check beneath your car before you get in, just in case you’ve a little furry someone hiding down there!



It isn’t necessary to lock your horses away in a stable for the entire winter but a little extra care is still required for these larger pets.

Horses will need an increase in their food during the winter months in order to be able to cope with the dip in temperatures. Providing them with a high-quality horse food such as Spillers Feeds during the winter months will ensure they stay fit and healthy no matter how cold it becomes. Your horse’s vet should be able to advise you on the additional amount of feed, taking into account the animal’s specific needs and measurements.

All animals require a fresh and constant supply of fresh water too. Snow and ice are no substitute, so do ensure their water supply is regularly checked and topped up.


As you can see, just a few simple considerations will make the winter months more bearable for you and your pet. Do you have any tips to share? If so, we’d love for you to share them with us in the comments below.



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