Pan-Seared Welsh Lamb Steaks with Warm Potato and Green Bean Salad



I can’t believe that it’s a year since I became a Welsh Lamb Llambassador and shared my mouthwatering Kleftiko recipe with you. Well, I am delighted to be teaming up with them again and can’t wait to share this recipe with you.

This delicious meal is ready within 30 minutes – perfect when time is limited but bellies are rumbling! The Welsh Lamb steaks can be coated and cooked within minutes or, if you prepare ahead of time, you can leave them to marinade in the oil overnight for a fuller flavour. In this case, remove them from the fridge an hour before cooking to allow to come to room temperature first.


Seared Welsh Lamb Steaks with Warm Potato and Green Bean Salad


seared lamb with warm potato and green bean salad 1


(serves 4)

For Seared Welsh Lamb:

4 x Welsh Lamb steaks

1 x clove garlic

100 ml olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Pinch oregano


For Warm Potato and Green Bean Salad:

1kg baby new potatoes

200g green beans

2-3 spring onions

Juice of one lemon

Fresh parsley

Salt and Pepper

100ml olive oil



  1. Crush the garlic and stir into olive oil with the salt, pepper and oregano.
  2. Coat each Welsh Lamb steak on both sides and allow to sit for five minutes
  3. Put a heavy-bottomed pan on the hob on a medium-high heat
  4. Trim the ends of the green beans and set to one side
  5. Boil potatoes in boiling, salted water until almost tender. Five minutes from the end of cooking, toss in the green beans
  6. Meanwhile, check the pan to ensure it is hot enough. Flick a few drops of water into it and, if they sizzle and dance with the heat, it’s time to get cooking! Cook either side of each Welsh Lamb steak for two minutes. Then turn back to the first side and cook each side for a further 3-4 minutes.
  7. Drain the potatoes and green beans and place into a bowl. Finely chop the spring onions and parsley and add them to the potatoes and green beans, tossing them all together with the olive oil and juice of one lemon until coated. Season to taste.
  8. Serve with the seared Welsh Lamb steaks and enjoy!




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