Painless Ways to Save Money Towards Travel



As we’ve mentioned previously, travelling need not cost as much as you might think, even when you’re travelling with a large family. Even so, it does cost something so, no matter how good you are at finding a great deal and travelling for less, you still need to get your funds together to get started.

As our family grew we became more resourceful and aware of where our money was going. We don’t live a miserly life at all but we value experiences over things and, in order to have them, we prefer to spend less money in places it doesn’t need spending on and getting more bang for our buck wherever we can. That means being sensible at home so we can spend more time away. Here are five of the main ways we do it:



A few years ago we swapped our usual big name store shop for one of the ‘budget’ stores that we shopped at when we were travelling. We knew the products were as good quality, if not better in many cases, and the prices were far, far lower. We were buying more food for less cash and this alone cut our monthly grocery bill by more than half. What we save on this alone over the course of a year funds the majority of our travels. This has definitely been one of our better moves and we are huge fans. Our only regret was not making the switch sooner.



Never, ever become complacent when it comes to your utility bills. Competition is always rife within the industry and there are always savings to be had. Always keep track of when your current contracts and deals expire and make a deal with yourself to spend a couple of hours comparing products that have come onto the market since you last shopped around. There are such substantial savings to be had here that even teachers are pushing to introduce energy usage and consumption education into schools. 


Travel Insurance

We need to purchase two sets of travel insurance for our family due to the limited number of people you can have on one policy. Knowing that we are going to be away but not really knowing when or where we’ll be off to next, we switched from purchasing one-off travel insurance for each trip to booking annual travel insurance instead. The price difference was a matter of pennies in one case and nothing at all in another so next time you get a quote, see how much difference if any it makes to get annual cover rather than single.


Become a Dealhunter

Whilst we’re at home and saving for our next trip we don’t completely give up on doing the things we love. The only thing is, I find ways of doing them for less. Cinema trips fall on BOGOF offer nights which we qualify for through the comparison company we booked our travel insurance through, or through reduced price tickets through Kidspass. Theatres always run special offers for shows so I do make sure I read the emails or booklets that land through the post so I don’t miss anything there and I’ve joined the mailing lists for my favourite restaurants so I’ll get a heads-up when they have an offer I can’t refuse on. We also make the most of free days out and activities whether at home or away because you really don’t need to spend much to make wonderful memories.




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