Perfecting the Work and Family Life Balance


Finding a balance between work life and family life is an art, not yet perfected but as every parent knows, we do our best. Perhaps there is not a perfect balance; we all do what is right for our family, no matter how big or small. Sometimes the only way to figure it out is by trial and error. If you do not have time for that then this video called ‘Office Joys’ will give you an insight into the pros and cons of working from home vs. working in an office.

Here are some pros and cons for the whole family to consider, whether you work from home or away.



When initially thinking about finances working from home may make the most sense, for the below reasons:

  • No rent for working space if you are self employed
  • You’ll save money on the commute
  • There may be a small cost for equipment but that cost will be nowhere near the cost of completely renovating a space, although you can get some great deals on office desks and chairs from the likes of

However, you also have to consider the size of your home, is there enough space to work, will you require an extension? If this is the case then rent may be cheaper.



Childcare costs, for many of us this is the most important thing, especially those with a large family and no relatives available to lend a helping hand.  Surprisingly even this isn’t as simple as it may seem, obviously working from home will ensure minimal childcare expenses but what about productivity? You may find there are too many distractions to concentrate on your work. Here are some pros and cons of working from home:


  • No childcare expenses
  • You shouldn’t miss a thing; you’ll be there all day everyday including the school holidays.
  • You have the ability to work wherever, in a local coffee shop or on your travels.



  • The cost of childcare can be expensive, even if you work part time.
  • If you are easily distracted, working from home may prove to be difficult.
  • There is no escape, night and day you’re in the same place.
  • In the holidays, you’ll be working from home but the children may not understand that and there could be tantrums.



When working away from your working environment it can be difficult to communicate and stay up to date, and when you eventually visit the workspace, you may hardly recognise anyone. As parents, it’s not just communication with work colleagues but also with your little ones, if you’re working from home a lot of your time may be spent working rather than with the children and sometimes you can forget how to speak like an adult!

Here is your list of communication pros and cons:




  • You don’t have to deal with those colleagues you just can’t stand
  • Communicating with school and your children is simpler
  • Having a presence at the school ensures you know other parents and their children



  • You may forget how to speak to adults!
  • Having minimum communication with work may mean you have not met some of your colleagues.
  • You may end up communicating with your children less as working hours can become blurred.

Obviously, every family is different and you will have you own list of pros and cons but hopefully this is a good starting point for you.




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