Five Guys Named Moe: You Must Go!


Last night Mike, Harry, Eddie and I headed off to London to see the new production of the award-winning show Five Guys Named Moe. I can’t stress how much I love a musical but this would be Harry and Eddie’s first experience of one. Usually one to book my theatre tickets months in advance, the decision to go and see FGNM was fairly last-minute thanks to its re-launch at the new Marble Arch Theatre which allowed me to purchase four preview tickets for a pretty amazing price (on what are already pretty amazing prices, to be fair). These preview tickets are available for performances up to 14th September, so if you haven’t already grabbed yours make sure you do so now. I’ve included some links to the best places to get good deals on theatre tickets at the end of this post.

The show was fab! 

But more on that later.

We arrived in London early enough to take a walk around Hyde Park and, to make sure we looked like typical tourists, headed straight for the line of red telephone boxes that I took for granted seeing when I was a girl, but the novelty of seeing now resulted in the boys making an excited beeline towards…


harry and eddie red telephone box london


A quick dinner and we headed on over to Marble Arch to catch the show.


Harry and Eddie Marble Arch


The Marble Arch Theatre has been designed and built specifically for this show. Located directly by Marble Arch itself, it makes travelling to see the show so quick and easy by public transport. Just hop off and you’re there!

The show itself, the brainchild of writer and director Clarke Peters, was originally performed at the Edinburgh Fringe before finding a home at the West End’s Theatre Royal for the next four years. Its return to London kicked off here at Marble Arch only last week, performed in a Spiegeltent that is probably more perfect for the show than any brick and mortar theatre I could imagine.

The show takes you through the experience of Nomax who, broke, dumped by his girlfriend and drinking away his blues, is faced with five guys named Moe who appear out of nowhere. No sooner do they appear than Four-Eyed Moe, Know Moe, Little Moe, Eat Moe and Big Moe burst into song and dance and attempt to help Nomax straighten out his miserable life.

Walking through the main doors of the theatre and you are greeted with a bar within a central bandstand on top of which musicians perform some fabulous live jazz music to get you in the mood for the evening ahead. The auditorium itself is set in the round, with the main stage at the front and a further circular stage leading off from it into the audience.

While we waited we decided to try and take a ‘jazz hands selfie’.


jazz hands fail


Which we failed at numerous times…


FGNM jazz hands


And only managed to look like complete idiots…


fgnm jazz hands 2


So we decided to leave the singing and dancing to the pros as, clearly, we were crap at it.

The seats are simple bar chairs with back rests, screwed into the floors which prevent you from moving them around. The ambience and design is that of stepping into 1940s New Orleans. Not a huge theatre at all, I loved how much more involved I felt with the performance and how much more relaxed it felt in comparison to some larger theatres, which can leave you feeling quite detached from what’s going on on the stage in front.

The design of the stage is a brilliant way of bringing the actors and audience closer together and makes the interactivity between the two, a regular occurence throughout the performance, so much easier. As a result of this interaction and the enjoyable audience participation, you leave feeling not only as though you’ve watched a fantastic show but that you have been a part of it as well. The actors, Edward Baruwa (Nomax), Ian Carlyle (Four-Eyed Moe), Idriss Kargbo (Little Moe), Horace Oliver (Big Moe) and Emile Ruddock (Eat Moe), were all incredible – we couldn’t believe the splended singing, acting and dancing talent that they all possessed, and the band too were note-perfectly fabulous. This magical combination between them and the songs they perform, those of the original king of Jazz, Louis Jordan, will have you smiling from beginning to end.

There is no way in the world that you can come and see this show and not have your feet tapping within the first few minutes. The story is light, it’s fun and it’s so very enjoyable. It’s just the thing to brighten up a dull day and the perfect pick-me-up, feel-good thing to see if you’re feeling down. and London Theatre Direct currently charge no booking fees for performances coming up soon, and we also find that you can often find good deals over at Theatre Tickets Direct too. Those are my three main go-to sites for finding great deals on theatre tickets in general and bagging a bargain. Alternatively, you can get your tickets directly from the Five Guys Named Moe website at

Wherever you get your tickets, do make sure you get them. Eddie loved it so much (he had an evening made all the more special by getting autographs from two of the Moes, much to his delight), that we hadn’t even left the theatre before he asked to come back and see it again. And we agreed that it was definitely worth seeing again!

All together now… ‘Push Ka Pi Shi Pie-Eh Eh, Push Ka Pi Shi Pie-Eh Eh, Ooblie-Aayee Eye Yay Abla, It’s the new calypso be bop!…’



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